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It's All in The Training - Producing a Customer Service Video

The lesson will help students learn the basics of producing a customer service training video. Lesson 4 of 4.


The Government's Role in the Agricultural Economy

This is the first in a series of lessons on agricultural policy and economics. This lesson focuses on the relationship between government, the economy and agriculture.

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Grand Finale Lasagna Meal

Lesson 4 of the Pasta Perfect Project is a culminating Lasagna Pasta Meal complete with proper table setting. Students combine their learning of table setting with their pasta making skill to plan and prepare a meal to be judged by a volunteer staff member.

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Pasta at the Table - Proper Place Setting

Lesson 3 in the Pasta Perfect Project takes the meal to the table and teaches students proper table setting to use while they enjoy eating their two pasta cooking labs.

Cooking Pasta

In this lesson, students learn how to cook pasta "to perfection". Important vocabulary and procedures are introduced then students will follow a recipe to prepare a basic pasta.

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Pasta Exploration

In the first lesson of the Pasta Perfect Project, students go on a self guided exploration of pasta. They will use an interactive document to visit various engaging Internet resources to open their minds to the possibilities of pasta.

10 11 12 C

Developing a Delicious Candy Bar Wrapper

Students will have a chance to create a new candy bar into the candy market as they design and create a wrapper for a chocolate bar. As you might guess, the subject matter is very motivating and engaging!

11 12

Designing an Attention-Grabbing Magazine Cover

Design a magazine cover simulating a circulation that is currently on the market. Students create a cover that would grab the attention of a buyer from start to finish.

9 10 11 12

Creating an Eye-Catching Book Cover

An important part of design is the packaging, the same goes for an exciting and eye-catching book cover. From writing the description to designing the cover, students will be engaged from start to finish.

Taking a Good Photograph - Mood and Composition

Selfies – if you can’t beat ‘em, teach ‘em! Adding mood to a photograph and creating a composition with intent are the activities of this lesson to begin good photography and ending with using great compositions for design.

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Changes In Diet and Exercise Can Lead to Big Results!

Students today have a tough time maintaining their weight and eating properly. We are going to teach you how to do both as it is easier than you think. Keep a realistic mindset when it comes to eating and exercising and these changes will lead to big results.

10 11 12

Introduction to Traffic Accident Scene Management

Traffic accident scene management is a critical skill set for emergency responders to have. This lesson will provide students with the checklist of required actions to safely manage an accident scene and provide care.

11 12

FCCLA Competition: Teach and Train, a Second Look

In this lesson the student will complete the Observation and Shadowing Experiences as outlined in the FCCLA Teach and Train Star Event. This lesson is the second lesson in this project for the FCCLA Teach and Train Event.

11 12

FCCLA Competition: Teach and Train, a Fourth and Final Look

In this lesson the student will complete the portfolio requirements in the FCCLA Teach and Train STAR Event. The student will also present the event as it would be presented in STAR Event Competition.

11 12

FCCLA Competition: Teach and Train, A Third Look

In this lesson students will learn how to write a lesson plan using the format from the Teach and Train FCCLA Event, write a lesson plan and teach the lesson in an age appropriate classroom) the age/grade level/subject matter is selected by the competitor).

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