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Wartorn (History)

In this lesson students will explore the different perspectives of PTSD and other war traumas; they will learn about the different types of PTSD, and consider a therapeutic garden as a form of treatment.

9 10 11 12

What's the Story? (CTE)

What do a work order and a fairy tale have in common? A little problem solving and a little research is just what students need to decipher directions and interpret a fairy tale to develop a flat character. The second part of this lesson is the rationale behind creating e-textile bookmarks and looks at the purpose of reading work orders. Wat…

9 10 11

Which Energy Sources Will Power Our Future Cities? (CTE)

Students will explore the future of sustainable city design, while working in teams to propose an energy portfolio for their city.


Zombie Scale (Math)

Students will draw a scale model of their previously designed structure and use scale factor to find volume and surface area.

9 10 11 12
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