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X,Y Coordinate Mapping of Sprites in Scratch (CTE)

Students will graph points on the Cartesian coordinate system for building a Scratch project with the Vitruvian Man. Students will use these coordinates to map out the anatomical parts of the human anatomy.

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Writing the Persuasive Essay (ELA)

This lesson will allow students to develop their persuasive writing skills. They will write an essay taking a position for or against going green to convince the reader to believe or do something. This is the final lesson that supports students in gaining knowledge to complete their integrated project of creating a floor plan for a green building.

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Writing and Visualizing Your Silent Film

Students will write a script for a silent film, visualize their scripts through crafting storyboards and creating a shot list for their upcoming shoot. This project will help students develop an understanding of the early history of film industry and the silent film era.

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Writing and Delivering the Pitch (ELA)

Students will amass all the skills they have learned and all the information they have acquired throughout this unit on theraputic gardens and apply it to one real world task. Students will use what they have learned about mental disorders, PTSD war time history, public speaking and garden design and use this information to pitch their therapy gard…

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Writing an Instructional Manual for a Student Project (ELA)

Though there's an "extension lesson" that follows this one, this represents the culmination of learning about the grammatical underpinnings of instructional manuals and the art of actually writing them.

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Writing a Script for a Podcast (ELA)

After the students listen to the first installment of "Serial" and they break down the structure and form of the most popular episode in podcast history, they get to use that form to write their own story. This is an enjoyable, collaborative, creative lesson in itself, and it also helps your students appreciate the artistic skill of the original.

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Writing a Précis (ELA)

Précis writing is a valued skill in reading and writing rhetorically. Given annotation-writing from Children's Literature, "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind", students shall integrate skills developed from the prior lesson related to reading and writing rhetorically and write a précis. This is lesson 4 of 4, and the culminating lesson. .

Writing a Crime Scene Cookbook Covering Scene Security, Photography and Diagramming (CTE)

This lesson shows the student how to combine writing, forensic science and investigative techniques into a complete criminal investigation that is clearly documented and explained.

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Writing Your Own Story (ELA)

Students will create their own patient story, assuming the identity of someone with a disease, disorder, or disability which requires stem cell therapy or transplant. In the previous lesson, students explored various real-life patient stories and now they will continue this theme by completing two assignments that incorporates their stem cell knowl…

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