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Media Design 2 PBL Model

This is a Project-Based course focusing on the use of entry-level to intermediate-level software in digital animation design / digital video editing and production. Units will be designed around the creation of projects for students to design, build, create, or perform. Media Design 2 is the second in a high school course series (MD1, MD2, M…

10 11 12

Advanced Digital Photography Model

Photography, as a nonverbal language, allows students to increase their visual perception and provides a medium for creative expression. The history of photography will be evaluated in the context of historical, social, cultural and artistic developments. Students learn to understand the artistic qualities of the photographic medium while ac…


Advanced Video Production Model

This is a Project-Based course focusing on the use of current industry software [ex. Final Cut Pro] in digital video editing and production. Units will be designed around the creation of projects for students to design, build, create, or perform. Video Production is one of two capstone courses in a high school course series (Media Design 2, M…

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Biology and Sustainable Agriculture Model

This course integrates biological science practices and knowledge into the practice of sustainable agriculture. Unit one addresses the question, What is sustainable agriculture? Unit two, How does sustainable agriculture fit into our environment? Unit three, What molecular biology principles guide sustainable agriculture? Unit four, How do we make …

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Engineering STEM Integrated Projects Model

The project models collected here are considered integrated units emphasizing Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics of STEM and also present strong supplementary academic assignments and activities in relation to CTE in the fields of: Engineering Design Engineering Technology CAD Programming About the Team: This structure of this co…

10 11 12

Forestry and Natural Resources Model

The Forestry and Natural Resources Course helps students understand the relationships between California's natural resources and the environment. Topics include energy and nutrient cycles, water resources and management, soil conservation, wildlife preservation and management, forest and fire management, lumber production, the outdoor recre…

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Metals 1 and 2 Model

Metals 1 and 2 CORE provides students with an understanding of manufacturing processes and systems common to careers in machine tool and materials forming industries. Topics include the interpretation and layout of machined and formed-part prints; the cutting, shaping, fastening, and finishing of machine tools; and casting, forging, molding, c…

9 10 11 12

Medical, Hospital and Health Careers - Introductory Course

This competency-based core course is designed for all students seeking a career in the health care field. The course will focus on the concepts and principles of the structure, function and systems of the human body in relationship to human growth and development. Students will learn to recognize problem situations in health care settings as r…

9 10 11 12

Biotechnology Research and Development Model

Biotechnology is a large scientific field that uses research tools from chemistry and biology to study or solve problems, including human disease. Biotechnologies may be used to study the genetic material of viruses and bacteria to determine whether a disease is caused by particular disease-producing agents. Its techniques are also used to und…

9 10 11 12

Health Informatics Model (Concentration)

Health Informatics is an emerging field that fosters the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of information within health care. As information technology advancements become more integral to health care, the demand for health care professionals who can employ and utilize health data is increasing. Health Informatics plays a critical ro…

10 11 12

Engineering and Design 2/3 PBL Model

Engineering Design provides learning opportunities for students interested in preparing for careers in the design and production of visual communications. Students plan, prepare, and interpret drawings and models through traditional drafting or computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) techniques. About the Team: This structure of this cour…

10 11 12

Chemistry and Agriscience Model

This course explores the physical and chemical nature of soil as well as the relationships between soil, plants, animals and agricultural practices. Students will examine properties of soil and land and their connections to plant and animal production. Using knowledge of scientific protocols as well as course content, students will develop an Agris…

9 10 11 12

Machine Tool Technology Model

Introduces the student to the changing era of machining technology, emphasizing terminology, referencing and applications related to manufacturing environments. The fundamental use of bench tools, layout procedures, materials, precision measuring tools, machining processes, drilling and cut-off machines and other machining/manufacturing proces…

9 10 11 12

Intro to Agriculture / Agriscience Model

The Intro to Agriculture / Agriscience course helps students acquire a broad understanding of a variety of agricultural areas, develop an awareness of the many career opportunities in agriculture, participate in occupationally relevant experiences, and work cooperatively with a group to develop and expand leadership abilities. Students study C…

9 10 11 12

Ag Biology Model

Agricultural Biology is a laboratory science course designed for the college-bound student with career interests in agriculture. It meets the life science portion of the two-year laboratory requirement for high school graduation and for the California State Universities (CSU) and the University of California (UC) systems-D Lab Science. Using…

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