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"Out, Damn'd Spot!, Out I Say" - Blood Detection

This lab will demonstrate the very simple Kastle-Meyer test to determine the presence of hemoglobin expected in blood.


"Over There": Propaganda Use (History)

In this lesson students will learn about the different types of Propaganda and how they were used. Students will be able to use different skills in order to demonstrate their understanding of the important role propaganda played, and continues to play in today's society. Propaganda is a powerful tool; students will learn how important it is that we…


"Seeing" One Side of the Story: Imagery and Perspective in Ethan Frome

In this lesson, students will consider the ways humans tend to make assumptions about who people are based on what they look like. Students will analyze the use of imagery in Edith Wharton's novel Ethan Frome to understand the ways the writer draws on this tendency, using concrete description to sway the reader's perspective on the characters in th…

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"Selling" Lock Boxes With Persuasion: (ELA)

Students will use ethos/pathos/logos to "sell" lock boxes to a specific audience in small groups.

"Shining a Light": Awareness Events and Rhetorical Strategies (ELA)

Lesson #2 in the "Benefit Concert" project focuses on the "Shining a Light" awareness event of 2015. Students discover rhetorical strategies inherent in speech and print.

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"Spark" a New Story

Finding new, innovative and easy software to exhibit one's work is becoming easier and easier. Adobe Spark gives students the opportunities to blend a host of media with graphics and words to tell one of a kind stories for all skill levels.

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