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Welding Technology - CTE Online Model

The Welding Technology course provides students with an understanding of manufacturing processes and systems common to careers in welding and related industries. Topics include the interpretation and layout of welded and assembled-parts, reading blueprints and understanding welding symbols. Further topics included are the common welding proce…

9 10 11 12

Metals 1 and 2 - CTE Online Model

Metals 1 and 2 CORE provides students with an understanding of manufacturing processes and systems common to careers in machine tool and materials forming industries. Topics include the interpretation and layout of machined and formed-part prints; the cutting, shaping, fastening, and finishing of machine tools; and casting, forging, molding, c…

9 10 11 12

Computer Technology & Repair - CTE Online Model

This two-semester course provides instruction in the basics of computer construction and repair; emphasizes troubleshooting and diagnosis of hardware and software failures; provides the skills necessary to gain entry-level employment in the field of computer servicing. Students have the opportunity to service and repair a wide range of persona…

10 11 12

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation - CTE Online Model

Hospitality Tourism & Recreation is a course designed to introduce the student to the various aspects of Hospitality industry. It is currently estimated that 30% of all the jobs in the state of California are available in the hospitality and food service workplaces therefore emphasis is placed on meeting the needs for the growing number of re…

10 11 12

Food Science, Dietetics and Nutrition - CTE Online Model

The Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition Pathway focuses on three specializations centered on the science of food in food prepartation and development and its relationship to the health and well-being of individuals. Students pursuing this career pathway learn observational and analytical skills in food safety and sanitation; the chemistry o…

9 10 11 12

Medical Assistant Model (Capstone) - CTE Online Model

The Medical Assisting program prepares the student for employment in physician's offices and clinics. Medical Assistants help physicians by doing tasks to assist in the treatment and examination of the patient. They provide for the efficient operation of a doctor's office and some may specialize in the back office, while others may choose to w…

9 10 11 12

Medical, Hospital and Health Careers - CTE Online Model

This competency-based core course is designed for all students seeking a career in the health care field. The course will focus on the concepts and principles of the structure, function and systems of the human body in relationship to human growth and development. Students will learn to recognize problem situations in health care settings as r…

9 10 11 12

Biotechnology Research and Development - CTE Online Model

Biotechnology is a large scientific field that uses research tools from chemistry and biology to study or solve problems, including human disease. Biotechnologies may be used to study the genetic material of viruses and bacteria to determine whether a disease is caused by particular disease-producing agents. Its techniques are also used to und…

9 10 11 12

Health Informatics Concentration - CTE Online Model

Health Informatics is an emerging field that fosters the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of information within health care. As information technology advancements become more integral to health care, the demand for health care professionals who can employ and utilize health data is increasing. Health Informatics plays a critical ro…

9 10 11 12

Sports Medicine - CTE Online Model

This course is designed to help students develop a general awareness of health careers and specific preparation for physical therapy and sports medicine occupations. Classroom instruction covers such topics as: medical terminology; human anatomy; emergency procedures; soft tissue and bone injuries; causes, symptoms and management of injuries; nutri…

9 10 11 12

Fashion Design - CTE Online Model

Students will learn the skills necessary for a career in the fast growing industry of fashion design. Students will learn how to design, sew, and re-style clothing; apply the elements and principles of design in various aspects of the fashion industry; understand the relationship between history and fashion; know the general characteristics, p…

10 11 12

Interior Design - CTE Online Model

This course is designed to teach students the elements of design. Students learn to create an impact through the use of color, fabrics and textures. Instruction includes the history of interior design, furniture styles, design theory, and project presentation. Students will learn to determine the scope of a project, develop and present a propo…

11 12

Advanced CAD/CAM - CTE Online Model

This program prepares students for an entry level position in CAD. Computer Aided Drafting replaces conventional drafting equipment with modern computer technology, reducing repetition and increasing production. Students in this class will spend the first semester involved in systematic exercises to develop understanding of CAD concepts and process…

11 12

Advanced Engineering Technology (Robotics) - CTE Online Model

The Robotics Course is designed to be a capstone applications course for engineering students. It will build upon prior skills learned such as applied math & physical science techniques, CAD & CAM skills and other engineering fundamentals. New competencies will include basic programming techniques and applications including sensor feedback loops an…

9 10 11 12

Architectural Design 1 - CTE Online Model

Architectural and Structural Engineering provides learning opportunities for students interested in preparing for careers in such areas as architecture, industrial design, and civil engineering. From CALPADS: Introduction to Engineering and Architecture This introduction course provides students with the foundational concepts required for pu…

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