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Historical Case Study of a Structural System

In this final lesson 4 of 4, students will work on a presentation in which they will have to discuss their historical case study and create a diagrammatic graphic in 2d and 3d of how they would integrate their material (timber, steel, or concrete) and would solve the building and loads on it. They will then take this into the next project for a bui…

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Pre-Production Short Film Package - Sets, Storyboards and a Script

Students will complete the sets, storyboards and script for their short film from lessons #1-3. Brainstorming, set ideas, camera movements storylines and stage direction come alive in this culminating PBL lesson!

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Completing the Flatbed Utility Trailer - Finishing and Makin' It Legal

The goal of this lesson is to complete the flatbed utility trailer project. Students will continue their journey on finishing the trailer build. They will execute metal preparation and painting. Lights, wiring and decking materials will be installed, prior to students learning the legal registration process for the trailer. This lesson is the four…

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And just where does this go? Axle and Fender Installation

The goal of this lesson is to complete the axle and fender installation on the flatbed utility trailer project. Students will explore theory used to determine axle location on frame. Students will then weld axle in place, after ensuring it is square to the tongue. Fenders will then be discussed and properly mounted over tires. This lesson is the …

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Building the Bones - Main Frame and Tongue Components of Trailer

The goal of this lesson is to complete the main frame and tongue components of the flatbed utility trailer. Students will explore and practice techniques used to fabricate a square frame. Students will create a materials cut list prior to building the trailer frame and angle iron rail.This lesson is the second of four lessons leading toward the des…

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Flatbed Trailer Project - Design, Materials List and Cost Projection

The goal of this lesson is for students to create a guided materials list and calculate the cost of fabricating a 96' x 48' flatbed utility trailer. Students will draw a top-view trailer frame plan from a similar plan and image of the trailer. From this work, students will complete the materials list and cost projection needed to construct the trai…

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Calorimeter Redesign

In the final project students design and test a calorimeter in an effort to collect data which will yield a more accurate calorie count than a design they used earlier in the instructional sequence. Students experiences with learning about energy transfer and experimental design will assist them in the process. (Lesson 4 of 4 in Developing Young Re…

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Capstone Lesson - I am a Social Media Content Creator

What does it take to be a professional Social Media Content Creator? A portfolio of sample projects and a solid social media profile is just the beginning. Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro is recommended. This project will jump-start a Social Media Content Creator's portfolio. Students will start their Instagram story here. Students…

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Creating Content Quickly for Instagram

There's no denying the marketing power behind Instagram. The power of an engaged following, whether it is a product or service is good content. Engaging content is king in the social media context. In the third of four lessons in the PBL on Vertical Ads: Instagram for Business and Portfolio, students will become content creators using Adobe Spark,…

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Social Media Careers and the LinkedIn Profile

Spending time on social media just got real. It's a job! Yes, you can get a job posting photos and video to Instagram. It's called Social Media Content Production. In lesson 2 of 4 of the Vertical Ads: Instagram Stories for Business PBL, students explore social media production, multimedia design and the variety of tools needed to do the job in t…

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Instagram: The New Social Media Frontier

Why Use Instagram? It is not a secret that the younger generation is hooked on social media. According to recent statistics, 59% of "Instagrammers" in the U.S. are under 30! In this first of four lessons in the PBL on Vertical Ads: Instagram Stories for Business, students will explore the Instagram's potential social media reach.

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Lesson 4 of 4: Create The Solar System

This project is a capstone to the 3 previous lessons, Evolving Past 3D Primitives, Shape Creation With NURBS and Motion in 3D. This capstone lesson will guide students in using their cumulative skills gained from the previous lessons to create, texture, animate and render a scene with 3D software. Maya is a powerful program that allows the user …

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Lesson 3 of 4: Motion in 3D

This lesson will guide students in animation methods with Autodesk's Maya. Students will learn how to create keyframes and change their properties to ease in or out of motion. Students will also learn how to create animated cameras and hierarchal animation to make pivots or multiple layers of animation. Students will then apply those skills to cre…

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Lesson 2 of 4: 3D Shape Creation With NURBS

This lesson will introduce students advanced methods of polygon modeling such as using vector art to create extrusions and revolved surfaces. Students will also practice using boolean operations to add, subtract or intersect 3D objects. This project is next in sequence to the previous lesson, Evolving Past 3D Primitives.

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Lesson 1 of 4: Evolving Past 3D Primitives

This lesson will guide students in using polygon modeling methods (referred to as box modeling) to generate complex shapes. Students model simple objects from a single cube such as a claw hammer. Students will explore additional polygon modeling methods in projects 2-3 of this series and move onto creating a scene with models and animation in the f…

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