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Working in Construction - Health Mistakes of the Past (Biology)

Students will be applying the information they learned in the muscular and skeletal overview lessons through considering the most common muscular injuries that constructions workers are subject to as well as the importance of lead-paint and asbestos removal. This will be important for students to understand why we have the rules we do when it come…

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Working Within the 4th Amendment - Analyzing Search Justification

This is the 1st of 4 lesson plans in the project. Through this lesson students develop an understanding of the 4th Amendment including what constitutes a seizure, when a search warrant is required and when it is not. Students will be looking at the 4th Amendment, associated case law and applying the concepts to scenarios.

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Working Card Challenge - Pitch and Present

In this fourth and final culminating lesson, graphic design students will form a team to create a line of unique playing cards for a business, product or musical group. This is a capstone lesson challenging students to use the Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to efficiently design in a 2.5" by 3.5" rectangle playing card. …

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Women's Health in a Refugee Crisis (CTE)

Refugee women represent a vulnerable group who have been involuntarily displaced, are survivors of human rights abuses, and need special attention and care. This lesson will address the specific needs of women in the refugee crisis.

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Wolsey's Downfall - Just an Unlucky Man? A Metaphorical Analysis (ELA)

In Shakespeare's play, Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey wielded great power as the most prominent consultant to King Henry VIII of England. In this lesson, students will examine Wolsey's response when the king suddenly dismisses him from the court, studying the three extended metaphorical images that Shakespeare employs within the monologue to explain …

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Without Water: Research the Effects of Diminishing Supplies

Students research and analyze how diminishing access to fresh water has short and long-term effects on a number of other ecological systems and human activity.

Winning Hearts and Minds, A Plan for Colonist Recruitment (Social Science)

In this lesson, students will be looking at propaganda and evaluating how it has been used historically to recruit soldiers for war, and how they can use it now to recruit colonists for their colony on Mars

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