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Blood Banks - What are they good for? The Critical Components of Blood for Donation

In this final lesson of a four-part project, students learn about the detailed cellular components of the blood products used in blood banking. Their capstone project is to create a slide deck to educate donors and potential donors feel about the many different uses of whole blood donations. Students will then use this slide deck to inform the publ…

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Blood Basics - The Cellular Constituents of Blood

Blood Banking is a multibillion dollar industry with employment opportunities that range from medical technologist to Registered Nurse. Each year over 21 million blood components are used in the United States alone. These 4 lessons will educate and invite students to understand and explore what happens behind the scenes of a blood bank. In this fi…

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The Status of the Red Blood Cell Stratus -- AKA Hematocrit!

In this third lesson, students will develop an understanding of the procedure and value of a hematocrit which is a routine test before every blood donation.

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It Takes All Types - Blood Type Lab Activity

In this second of four lessons, students extend their knowledge of blood cells to learn about the different blood types. Understanding how and why blood banks test the blood supply not only provides necessary background when preparing to participate in the culminating blood drive, this lesson also provides more ideas to help them create their capst…

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The Public Health Plan

This lesson is the third in a series of four lesson plans which serves as a guide to help students translate a public health needs assessment into a public health (intervention) plan. Students will use the Needs Assessment that they completed for Lesson #2 to inform a public health plan that addresses the needs of the identified priority population…

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Can You Save Me? Using Triage Protocol (CTE)

This lesson will help students recognize triage protocols. Students will gain experience categorizing patients using color tags during a mock emergency or disaster situation.

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The Logic Model - Culminating Public Health Plan

This lesson plan is the fourth in a series of four lesson plans which guide the students through the development of a public health plan. Students will use Needs Assessment (completed through the second lesson plan) and the Public Health Plan (created through the third lesson plan) to develop a logic model and multi-media presentation to present t…

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What's the Disaster? (CTE)

Students will explore and identify roles of the health care workers regarding man-made or natural disasters, active threats, and health emergencies in their area.

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This is War! Triage in the War Zone (CTE)

This lesson will discuss the history of triage and how it was used in for wounded soldiers on the battlefield during war. Students will do research and them make presentations on triage during various war times.

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Medical Terminology Bingo! (CTE)

This lesson will discuss commonly used medical terms and their meanings that one might hear in a disaster, emergency and or threat.

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Changes In Diet and Exercise Can Lead to Big Results!

Students today have a tough time maintaining their weight and eating properly. We are going to teach you how to do both as it is easier than you think. Keep a realistic mindset when it comes to eating and exercising and these changes will lead to big results.

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Plato Del Buen Comer (The Healthy Plate)

There is a definite struggle among teens to maintain a healthy weight and eat better. Students will learn about "food personality" and learn to recognize unhealthy eating while on the run.

Healthy We = Healthy Me: An Intro to the Public Health System

This lesson is the first in a series of four lesson plans which serves as an introduction to the fundamental functions of the public health system. The relationship between the public health system and individual health will also be evaluated through the lens of public health best practices and procedures.

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Understanding Diabetes And Its Complications

In this 1st of 4 lessons, students are introduced to the deadly disease called diabetes mellitus. Subsequent lessons will address what the link is between diabetes and food, what a proper nutritional plate looks like, creating a healthy shopping list and meal.

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