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Residential Concrete: The World of Foundations STEM Integrated Project

Throughout this unit, students will dive in to the world of foundations! They will be learning all about concrete, from how it's made to why it plays such a huge role in everyday life. Students will learn about rebar and why concrete would not be as strong with out it, and learn to identify the different sizes of rebar by knowing the measurements. …

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It's A Wrap: Design Your Own Cell Phone Skin STEM Integrated Project

It's all about expressing yourself when you talk, text or surf the web on your cell phone! How your cell phone looks can be considered an extension of your personality and should be as unique as you are. Cell phone skins are on demand and are the new way of creating unique and artistic ways of standing out from the crowd. In this unit, students lea…

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Show Your Stuff! Art Show STEM Integrated Project

This unit takes an intermediate to advanced 2-D media (graphic design, painting, photography) student with a 10 piece portfolio through the steps of preparing, estimating budget, contacting, designing, setting up and publicizing an art show in the local community. They will analyze color, size, shape and theme of portfolio to determine a plan to fo…

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Sustainable Redwood Furniture Design STEM Integrated Project

This project is designed to show students the connection of sustainable forestry management with sustainable use of lumber as a building material and how it ties with a successful business plan. Students will learn what it means to properly manage a forest's timber resources to ensure long term benefits for the environment while meeting the demand…

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Chicken Co-Op - Creating a Commercial Chicken Cooperative STEM Integrated Project

This project is a collaborative effort between Agriculture & Soil Chemistry, Animal Science, English Language Arts and Mathematics. The project culminates in a commercial chicken cooperative operation on the school grounds. This project can be utilized to lay the groundwork for building a laying hen operation to return funds to the agriculture prog…


Photographic Self-Portrait - Media Design 2 PBL and STEM Integrated Project

Students create photographic self-portraits that visually communicate who they are, as well as send some kind of a message. Programs and Equipment Used: -Photoshop to edit photos -High Quality cameras -Tripods Activities Include: -Learning about portraiture and self-portraiture -Planning and Photographing image -Introduction to basic Photoshop ed…


Green is the New Black - Green Building Design STEM Integrated Project

Students will learn the importance of green buildings in relation to individuals and our environment. The guiding essential question is, "What are the benefits and challenges of green construction?" Students will be introduced to the project through videos, quizzes, Powerpoint, and a field trip. At the end of this project, students will be skille…

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Who's Getting Away? Finding a Pattern using Forensics STEM Integrated Project

This series of lesson plans fit into the Criminal Justice Concentration Course - Investigations' unit Forensic Science and Evidence Analysis (Lab). There are three contributors to this project, Gordon Sanford, Kenn Lewis and Jay Crawford. Each has an established path of lesson plans that lead to the culminating CTE lesson. The CTE series of lesso…

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The Power of a Healing Garden STEM Integrated Project

What are the effects of war on mental health? How can the creation of "Therapeutic Garden" help those affected by war? In the STEM Integrated Project, "The Power of a Healing Garden," students will explore psychological disorders such as PTSD and depression and look at current methods of treatment. Students will then use their knowledge in the de…

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Planning a Benefit Concert STEM Integrated Project

How can students explore a current social issue by planning a benefit concert? In the STEM Integrated Project Planning a Benefit Concert, students will explore local or global issues important to them while learning the relevant Computer Programming and English Language Arts skills and concepts in order to "plan" a concert. Computer Programming L…

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Defend Your Solution to a Real World Problem STEM Integrated Project

This is a Linked Learning unit based on the Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric (EDPPSR) Component 2, which has the following elements: - Design Concept Generation, Analysis and Selection - Application of STEM Principles and Practices - Consideration of Design Viability - The project presented here is the design of a projectile lau…

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From Plan to Prototype STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, students will develop and document a plan-to-prototype design concept. The learning activities are based on Unit 4 of Project Lead The Way's Engineering, Design and Development course; and elements F & G from the Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric (EDPPSR). In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lesson…

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Up, Up and Away! STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, engineering students model and design a craft that utilizes principles of efficient design to effectively achieve levitation via hot air lift (like a hot air balloon). They explore principles of lift, gases, volume, efficiency, and creativity as they attempt to create a model that can stay afloat for over a minute. The steps of the d…

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The Drug Development Process STEM Project

This unit is an ambitious undertaking to capture the essence of the drug development process and make the information accessible to high school students. The lessons are linked by a common scenario taken from the Secrets of the Rainforest lab by Bio-Rad which is as follows: "While hiking through the Andean Rainforest, Tisha obtains medicinal pla…

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CAD Cake STEM Integrated Project

In this 7th-8th Grade unit, students will learn about perimenter, area and volume mathematically speaking and formulate a 2-D drawing to take into the Autodesk Inventor lab. In the Inventor lab, they will learn basic as well as more advanced features to turn their created 2-D drawings into 3-D created masterpieces where they will then learn the bas…

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