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9 10 11 12

The American Story Told: Verbal and Non-Verbal Storytelling (CTE)

Students will view media (video and photo) to explore and understand storytelling, then create their own stories with words then with photos they take.

9 10 11 12

Genes Are Us. And Them.

How are you connected to the living world? Come find out more about connecting at the cellular level while connecting with other cultures as well.

9 10 11 12

Empire State Human Story: Photo Journalism (CTE)

Students will learn about how one photo journalist tells human stories through interview questions and photos. Then, students will replicate the same process to tell someone else's story.

Interactive Advertising (CTE)

Students will produce two highly persuasive interactive advertisements marketing the same original product at two diverse audiences. These advertisements will be used in their final presentations and online blog presentation.

9 10 11 12

New Media and Marketing (CTE)

This lesson introduces new media and the power of using social media for marketing.

Creating a Blog (CTE)

Students will create a plan utilizing new media to market an original product. Students will produce a blog describing their product details, company logo, and social media links promoting their product.

9 10 11 12

Facing Your Personal Identity with Digital Imaging (CTE)

Students will explore the creation of their own identities through a digital imaging project that helps students express themselves while using learned composition skills.

Ethics and New Media (CTE)

When is technology too much? Students explore digital marketing methods used to customize the user experience and their effects on consumer privacy.

9 10 11 12

Bevron Builds a New Identity (CTE)

How do you spin information to form or persuade public opinion? How is propaganda used in different forms of media? In this lesson students will continue to explore the strategies and persuasive techniques used to sway public opinion, while they use traditional and contemporary public relations ad and campaign ideas as a model to design a winning P…

9 10 11 12

Advertising is What you Pay For, Publicity is What you Pray For (CTE)

Students will be introduced to the nature and scope of Public Relations and the similarities and differences between Mainstream Advertising and Public Relation Ads.

9 10 11 12

Drilling into the Core of Advertising (CTE)

This is an introductory lesson to teach students the persuasive techniques in advertising. In this lesson, students will be studying mainstream advertising, which will help them build a vocabulary for studying public relation ads and creating their own PR Campaign for their client "Bevron" as the end product to this unit.

9 10 11 12

The Best & Worst of Public Relations (CTE)

In this lesson students will dive deeper into the world of Public Relations while they study many aspects of the industry through real world examples, from advertorials to stealth marketing to social media blunders.

9 10 11 12

In the Style of: Intellectual Property (CTE)

In this lesson, students will explore the concept of intellectual property and will make an original song in the style of a popular song.

9 10 11 12

License to Sample (CTE)

Students will explore the concept of intellectual property and will use samples to create a song.

7 8 9 10 11 12

Debating the Philosophy Behind Copyright and Fair Use (CTE)

Students will analyze the current state of copyright/fair use and engage in a debate regarding whether or these laws are too strict or do not go far enough to protect intellectual property.

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