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Old Meets New - Creating a Photogram

“If it lets light through, it will turn blue. If it blocks out light, it will stay white." Can students make camera-less photos? All you need is a little water and a lot of sun. But the first step in making a photogram is understanding negative and positive space.

Making a "Blue" Print - Creating a Cyanotype Print

Warning, you are going to need water, lots of sunlight and a good negative to produce blue cyanotype prints. But, there's no need for a darkroom-- contact printing can be accomplished right in your classroom! All you need to know is the UV sensitive contact printing process and a negative the same size as the final print. Using Photoshop the 4x5 ne…

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Introduction to Cyanotype - A History Lesson

It's old, it's new and it's blue. This lesson is an introduction to the history of photography and the cyanotype, a technique that is over 175 years old. Known today as a sun print, students will find out there is more to the blue monochrome print than the sun.

9 10 11 12

The Chemistry of Photography - Making a Cyanotype

A pinch of this, a little of that added to water and...poof! Getting an image to appear on paper is all about chemistry. In this second of four PBL lessons, the chemistry of photography is explored. What is the connection?

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