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Monetizing Wordpress #3 - Display Ads

With the advent of blogging, there has evolved different ways to monetize your website. We explore a few ways to make money on the internet using a simple Wordpress site. This lesson focuses on generating income using Google Adsense ads.

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Getting Permission: The Proper Method of Procuring Outside Images, Music and Video (CTE)

Students will learn and demonstrate methods to gain permission for the proper and legal use of copyrighted content for use in Video Production.

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Debating the Philosophy Behind Copyright and Fair Use (CTE)

Students will analyze the current state of copyright/fair use and engage in a debate regarding whether or these laws are too strict or do not go far enough to protect intellectual property.

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Understanding Copyright and Fair Use Laws (CTE)

Students will learn about the importance and reasoning behind copyright and fair use laws as they apply to Video Production.

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Copyright Mash-Up Video (CTE)

Students will create a "mash-up" video. This will include shooting their own video and gathering video and other content from the internet. Students will gain permission for some of the content and push the boundaries of fair use on other content.

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