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Structural Analysis for Simple Building Design

A universal concern across all building types or built structures is that of structural design. All Architects must have a grasp on an understanding of methods used to analyze simple structures. By doing so this can enhance their design capabilities. In this project students will gain the knowledge of the following: -Load transfer mechani…

Building Materials Used for Structural Systems

Lesson 3 of 4 will focus on the most common building materials used for structural systems within a building: • Wood (Timber) • Steel • Concrete This is important because these three materials are the most core of building resources we use today. In order to properly engineer and propose solutions we must understan…

Load Transfer Mechanisms and Types of Loads

Lesson 2 of 4 will focus on load transfer mechanisms and the various types of loads that act on a building structure such as vertical loads, lateral loads, and load resisting systems.

Historical Case Study of a Structural System

In this final lesson 4 of 4, students will work on a presentation in which they will have to discuss their historical case study and create a diagrammatic graphic in 2d and 3d of how they would integrate their material (timber, steel, or concrete) and would solve the building and loads on it. They will then take this into the next project for a bui…

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