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Writing a Crime Scene Cookbook Covering Scene Security, Photography and Diagramming (CTE)

This lesson shows the student how to combine writing, forensic science and investigative techniques into a complete criminal investigation that is clearly documented and explained.

Continuing to Develop the Crime Scene Cookbook (CTE)

Conducting a Crime Scene Investigation is a complicated process made up of a plethora of simple steps.

Crime Scene Cookbook - Collecting the Evidence and Putting the Case Together (CTE)

This unit fits into the Criminal Justice Concentration Course: Investigations. In this final lesson plan, the students will build on the skills learned in the other lesson plans in this project by processing some simulated crimes scenes that are part of a mini-crime wave.

How Do You Write a Crime Report Clearly Depicting the Elements? (CTE)

This is the first lesson in a project designed to show students how forensic science techniques and results are incorporated into a criminal investigation. The first lesson shows how a basic crime report is completed.

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