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Sailing - From a Poet's Perspective (History / Social Science)

Students will conduct a close reading of two different related texts and then write a comparison of the two.

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It Speaks Volumes (Math)

In this lesson, students will be hooked into learning about volume with the ever so popular toy the "Rubik's Cube" and then take a deeper look at why volume is a different calculation than perimeter or area. They will leave the lesson with a deep understanding of the volume of various shapes such as (prisms, triangular prisms, cones, spheres, pyra…

9 10 11 12

Exchange Rates (Math)

Students use exchange rates to calculate currency. This is lesson #3 of 4.

Le Tour du Monde (French)

Students become expert travel guides to a francophone city! Through collaboration and Internet research, watch your students transform into the next Rick Steve or Anthony Bourdain.

Globe Trotters (French)

Be amazed as your students create a gallery walk of francophone cities that allow your students to take a world tour in one class period.

Prime Time TV (French)

Give your students the experience of producing their very own Travel show. Move over, Anthony Bourdain!

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Trip to France (Math)

Students use exchange rates in a mock trip to France. This is lesson #4 of 4.

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Converting Currency (Math)

Students become familiar with currency from other countries, and then learn how to convert from one form of currency to another. This is lesson #2 of 4.

Paris, Je t'aime (French)

Students will be exposed to different activities available to tourists in the City of Lights through video, discussion and informational texts. *Note: This lesson is for intermediate levels of French and should be solely taught in the target language (French)*

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What is Currency? (Math)

In this lesson, students will explore the history of currency and money, and then participate in real "trading" to determine the value of a product (in this case, candy). This is lesson #1 of 4.

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Camera Angles and Shots (CTE)

Students learn to identify and effectively use a variety of camera angles and zoom depths in still and video photography.

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Social Issues Poster (CTE)

Students apply knowledge of camera angles and shot depth to design a powerful poster as a call to action about a social issue.

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Public Service Announcement (CTE)

Students storyboard, plan, shoot, and edit a public service video announcement against modern day slavery.

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Vocabulary Building (ELA)

This lesson will introduce and clarify key vocabulary words that students will be exposed to and using during their research on the topic of modern slavery and human trafficking.

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The History of Slavery (Social Studies)

Slavery has been around since the earliest civilizations and still continues today. Students will trace the history of slavery through a variety of engaging activities.

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