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Who Turned Off the Lights? (CTE)

Introduction to CTE Lesson 1 for Energy poverty unit What is life like for people without access to electricity? Am I an energy glutton?

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Who Really Cares? Writing a Business Letter (ELA)

Students will address someone who cares or should care about how they feel about where, how or what is in their food, and where it comes from.

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Who Pays (and How Much) to be Ebola-free? (History/Social Science)

The costs of preparedness in response to the Ebola virus are huge, unanticipated, and unpredictable. Given these variables, how are the costs covered at the local and national levels under a federal system characterized by often unclear and shifting definitions of responsibility?

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Who Are You? Angle Measure (Math / CTE)

Learn how to measure angles. Learn to find adjacent angles, complements, and supplements of given angles.

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg - Costs and Profits (Math)

Students will determine when selling the eggs of our chickens will turn a profit using a system of equations.

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Where's Waldo? Controlling and Processing a Kidnapping Crime Scene

This is the second lesson in a series of 4. Students will learn how a crime scene should be processed, evidence collected and stored and the efforts documented.

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Where am I? Welcome to the World of Virtual Reality-Introductory Lesson (CTE)

In this opening lesson to this project, students are introduced to the concept of virtual reality. Students will be shown various examples of virtual reality and look at the growing purpose of virtual reality in branding, marketing, and advocacy campaigns. As these lesson progress, students will build a virtual guide for new arrivals.

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Where There Are Humans, There Is Data! Types of Data Collection

This lesson is the first in a series of four lessons which serves as an introduction for students to experience the process of data collection and analysis.

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