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Retail vs Wholesale Pricing

Students will learn the differences between retail and wholesale pricing, and visit the websites for Nordstrom's and Bloomingdale's to see the types of merchandise available and prices that are being charged to consumers.

Design a Necktie

Students will be creating their line of neck ties that they will be using in their pitch.

School Lunch Dietitian Detective - Creating a Survey

This lesson asks students to create surveys for an inquiry into school lunch menus. Students will learn about studies, create a survey and make a plan to implement. This lesson is part two of a four-part lesson investigating school lunch menus.

Marketing a Product: The Brochure and the Pitch

Students will use computer software to create a marketing brochure for their neckties.

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School Lunch Dietitian Detectives - What Makes a Good School Lunch?

This lesson challenges students to reflect on school lunches and instructs students to demonstrate knowledge of school lunch menu criteria. This lesson is part one of a four-part lesson investigating school lunch menus.

School Lunch Dietitian Detective - Analyzing the Survey Results

This lesson will guide students through analysis of the results of a student-created survey.

School Lunch Dietitian Detective - Reflect and Revise

This is the final lesson within a project on the understanding, creating of a survey, analysis, tabulation and conclusions. It will end with a public showing and reflection.

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Elements & Principles of Design in Fashion

In this lesson, students will be identifying the elements and principles of design. Students will be taking notes on a graphic organizer, working with a partner in creating a short presentation and submitting it to the teacher.

Speaking Without Talking - Non Verbal Communication

This lesson will focus on non verbal communication and voice inflection.

How Assertive Are You? Communication Styles

Students will complete an assignment to discover their most common communication style. Then they will learn about passive, assertive and aggressive styles of interaction.

Role-Playing Communication Styles

Today students will be writing role plays based on the communication skills they learned. After this, they will be performing them for each other.

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Employee Handbook Acknowledgment (PST-4)

(Lesson Plan 4 out of 4) Most employees would think that catching a shoplifter would make the company happy. What they don't know is that many are fired from their job if they try to catch a shoplifter! In this lesson students will create an employee handbook and become informed on what they consist of, which may include what to do in cases …

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Sexual Harass ME NOT! (PST-1)

(Lesson Plan 1 of 4) This lesson plan will educate students on the laws of sexual harassment and differentiate between the two types: "quid pro quo" and "hostile work environment." This lesson has examples, worksheets, and a quiz to assess the students understanding.

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I'm so angry! - "I" Messages and Communication Skills

In this lesson, the student will be Identifying feelings and expressing feelings using the "I" message technique. The student will practice writing "I" messages and will role play "I" messages with a partner.

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Loss Prevention (PST-3)

(Lesson Plan 3 out of 4) In this lesson plan, students will learn about shrinkage, shoplifting, internal theft and external theft. Students will understand security and loss prevention and company policies on the matter. 

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