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Ellie's Credit Score (CTE)

Students will be able to apply basic credit score knowledge and understand how credit-related activities affect a credit score. Help Ellie understand how to improve a credit score and apply general credit management tips.

9 10 11 12

What's Your Style? History and Fashion

In lesson three of four, students will research the history and various factors which have influenced fashion. Using this research, students will brainstorm ideas and start designing their personal and original sportswear clothing line prototypes.

9 10 11 12

Fashion Line Prototype - Product Time!

In lesson four, students will investigate online resources and sources to produce their clothing line prototype. Students will learn the concepts of marketing, promoting, and producing their clothing line prototype.

9 10 11 12

Fashion CAD!

In this second lesson of four, students will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator related graphic design skills, techniques, and concepts to design an original apparel and clothing line.

Retail vs Wholesale Pricing

Students will learn the differences between retail and wholesale pricing, and visit the websites for Nordstrom's and Bloomingdale's to see the types of merchandise available and prices that are being charged to consumers.

Design a Necktie

Students will be creating their line of neck ties that they will be using in their pitch.

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