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10 11 12 PS A
9 10 11 12

Mobile App Tutorial and Project Planning (CTE)

Tap into app building in this lesson by introducing students to "AppShed." Students research their project brief, collect assets and content to create a Francophone App. This is Lesson 3 of 4.

9 10 11 12

Culminating Lesson-It's Show Time/Presentation of App (CTE)

In this final culminating lesson, students develop and complete the app for the fictional French diplomat. Students will create their Splash screen, organize the assets, content and develop their app in Appshed. This is Lesson 4 of 4

9 10 11 12

What's that App? Introductory Lesson (CTE)

In this opening lesson to this project, students are introduced to mobile app design. Students will be shown various examples of apps and look at the growing mobile app business and the purpose of mobile app. Lesson 1 of 4

9 10 11 12
9 10 11 12

Let's Break It Down-The Parts That Make the Whole (CTE)

In this lesson, students will look at the structure of an app, what is on the screen, and what is important to the user experience. Students will be introduced to mobile app vocabulary words, including the idea of prototyping and the user story. This is Lesson 2 of 4

9 10 11 12
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