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Employment Portfolio Unit

The lessons in this unit will consist of activities that teach the student how to write a portfolio for a student organization or for a future job. The areas are: * Job Applications * Resumes *Job Interviews This unit is brought to you by Anita Homesley, with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team.

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Manufacturing a Model Steam Engine - PBL Project

Explore engineering and machining through the lens of a working model steam engine powered by compressed air! Students will learn about the history and importance of steam engines as they dive into critical print reading skills, CAD/CAM practice, and manufacturing. Lesson 1: Steam engine history and important technical skills Lesson 2: Print re…

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Making a Domino on a CNC Mill - PBL Project

Make a Domino on a CNC Mill. This project introduces the safe setup and operation of a CNC Mill, with opportunities to program a custom domino. Lessons: 1. How does the CNC Mill work? Make a Domino, using a CNC Mill. In this lesson, the students will explore how a CNC Mill works. In associated lessons, the students w…

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Milling Machine - Create a Toy Maze PBL Project

This project is an introductory/familiarization project for students using a manual milling machine. Using a manual mill, student will design and machine a small child's toy maze. The main objective is for students to learn how to setup and machine a simple part. Students will learn the basics of running a Bridgeport style mill, including, tool s…

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Developing an Environmental Impact Report PBL Project

Assessing any given environment is incredibly important as we cannot always see what's truly there. Developing an Environmental Impact Report allows us analyze many components of a site (even the things that we cannot see) before we start a construction project. In this PBL Project, students will learn how to develop an Environmental Impact Repo…

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How Do I Prepare for a Career in Robotics? PBL Project

When you imagine a robot, you might picture something a little...futuristic. But robots are already hard at work in ways we might not imagine: preparing our Amazon packages, detonating explosives and even exploring other planets. In the PBL Project "How Do I Prepare for a Career in Robotics?" students will explore the past, present and future of r…

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Intellectual Property: Copyright or Copywrong? STEM Integrated Project

Students will be introduced to the various ethical dilemmas and real-world impact for many industries from the concept of intellectual property. The culminating project is to create a found piece of art (a music video where the music, video, lyrics, and graphic art are all sourced from other artists' original works). This project will take approxim…

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Building a Better Back Scratcher PBL Project

The arc of this lesson group has students creating a “Project Based Learning” Steam Bent Wood Back Scratcher over a course of four lessons. The group of lessons instruct students on visually identifying trees and lumber, learning about grain orientation and figure, hardwoods, softwoods, lumber milling and steam bending. Here’s an abstract of the…

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Design and Create a Food Truck PBL Project

Food trucks solve a dining service problem by giving them a portable catering option. Since the late 2000s, food truck popularity has exploded, capturing the attention of not only consumers and entrepreneurs but also regulators and city officials. Some explain their recent popularity from the recession's impact on brick and moral establishments, wh…

12 A

The Absolute Yes and No in Caring for Patients PBL Project

The absolute “YES” and “NO” in caring for patients is very important and crucial. Medical Assistant students need to assist Physicians not only with the medical tasks and procedures, but also with the best efforts to magnify the “NO HARM” to patients and the “NO LAWSUIT” to Physicians. This project consists of four lesson plans, which are suscept…

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Refugee Crisis - STEM Integrated Project

Syrian refugees are in urgent need of health and hygiene supplies. These lessons provide students with the knowledge needed to prepare students to give a school-wide presentation on the needs of a refugee. The Health CTE Lessons include: - Refugee Crisis: A Historical Review - Proper Nutrition for a Refugee - Protecting Mental Health and Privacy …

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"Show Me the Money" - Creating a Socially Responsible Product STEM Integrated Project

In their CTE class, students will come up with an invention or new tangible product that is socially responsible to be presented to an investors panel. In their ELA class, after learning about pathos, ethos, and logos, the students will conduct a deeper analysis of an advertisement campaign, website, or article, and then use their learning to infor…

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Storytelling Your Website Design STEM Integrated Project

In Storytelling Your Career... by Design, the students will be introduced to webpage design and development along with career exploration. The students will research careers using the occupational groups provided by the government. They will use HTML programming language and utilize this career information as content for a webpage. Once the stud…

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Grafting Apple Trees PBL Project

Sweet, sour, bitter, bland, juicy, crisp, soft, mushy. These are all adjectives that can be used to describe apples! But how did we get so many types of this fruit, and how can we (gasp) make even more? In the PBL Project "Grafting Apple Trees," students will learn about the value and importance of apple cultivation. Students will learn how to ma…

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Model PBL Project

People are starting to be concerned about the environmental impact of transporting food long distances. They want their food grown locally, not only for personal health reasons, but for the health of the planet. In addition, many urban communities are embracing locally grown food to eradicate food deserts. It is this "Grow Local" sentiment that i…

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