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Employment Portfolio Unit

The lessons in this unit will consist of activities that teach the student how to write a portfolio for a student organization or for a future job. The areas are: * Job Applications * Resumes *Job Interviews This unit is brought to you by Anita Homesley, with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team.

There's an App for That! STEM Integrated Project

Mobile devices, like smart phones are changing our lives. Mobile apps are revolutionizing the way we think and communicate. In the palm of our hands, we can access information anywhere. The numbers of apps available are staggering. If you have a tablet or phone, you have an app on it. Creating an app is a new tool for 21st century students. The mob…

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Virtual Reality and the Immigrant Crisis STEM Integrated Project

This project will explore the dynamics of immigration, and the impact that immigrants have on populations, using a multidisciplinary approach (Graph Communication, Math, World Languages and Biology). In Graphic Design, students will explore the issues related to immigration. Exploration will include why people move to a new country, city, state; w…

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How Do I Prepare for a Career in Cybersecurity? PBL Project

Description Students will Journey through Cybersecurity World to determine their interests to succeed in this emerging Career. Lesson 1 focuses on the History of Cybersecurity and SPIES! Lesson 2 introduces students to current technology- The lesson focuses on Cybersecurity Technology and how it is used. Lesson 3 will continue the "Journey of Disc…

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Chicken Co-Op - Creating a Commercial Chicken Cooperative STEM Integrated Project

This project is a collaborative effort between Agriculture & Soil Chemistry, Animal Science, English Language Arts and Mathematics. The project culminates in a commercial chicken cooperative operation on the school grounds. This project can be utilized to lay the groundwork for building a laying hen operation to return funds to the agriculture prog…

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Genetics and Agriculture (SAB3.1 c&d) PBL Project

Genetics are an incredibly important aspect of Agriculture. In order to use genetics to our advantage, we must first understand how they are passed from parents to offspring, how they are expressed, and even how the environment can affect them. This project helps students identify the difference between dominant and recessive traits while understan…

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California Agricultural Record Book

This 10-15 hour unit contains lessons on components, entering information, completing the record book as well as how to use the record book for awards and recognition.

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FFA Issues and Topics

This unit contains lessons about the aim, purpose, history and structure of the FFA. Other lessons are about the opportunities in FFA such as awards, contests (career development opportunities), leadership opportunities and conferences.

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Telling Your Story through Blended Media PBL Project

Story and storytelling are the centerpieces of human communications, it is just technology that has changed throughout the millennia. This project will provide a strong foundation for students seeking to build their story telling capabilities. It will focus on examining their links to their past heritage and how that influences their lens by which…

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Planning for Disaster STEM Integrated Project

Students will explore and identify roles of the health care workers regarding man-made or natural disasters, active threats, and health emergencies in their area. Students will form a School Disaster Plan based on natural disasters or hazards that may threaten their school. Students will gain experience categorizing patients using color tags duri…

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Healthy Lifestyle STEM Integrated Project

This unit focuses on the various components of a healthy lifestyle which include nutrition and exercise and their benefits to body systems/homeostasis. Moreover, students will research the adverse effects of poor health choices in conjunction with the critical analysis of The Great Gatsby. The culminating project: Student teams will research, cre…

Creating a Public Health Plan PBL Project

This project consists of a series of four lesson plans and serves as an introduction to the fundamental functions of the public health system. The relationship between the public health system and individual health will also be evaluated through the lens of public health best practices and procedures. The Public Health Plan project provides studen…

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To Vape or Not to Vape PBL Project

In this age of flavored smoke and e-cigarettes, we need to help our students take a critical look at this new type of smoking and ask themselves this vital question: Is "vaping" bad for you? In this project, students will attempt to determine if vaping e-cigarettes are indeed harmful to your health. Throughout these lessons, students will: -Iden…

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Infection Control Community Teaching PBL Project

There are four lessons in this project. In lesson one, students will acquire the knowledge of the similarities and differences of bacteria and viruses. In lesson two, students will be introduced to the first defense against diseases, which is handwashing. Students will identify and recall the terminology connected to this lesson. The lesson will co…

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How Real is the Ebola Epidemic? STEM Integrated Project

This project aims to educate students on the facts about the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). It also discusses the issues surrounding the disease and its implications on the health services and protocol in West Africa and the United States. This project can be finished in 2-3 weeks depending on the depth of discussion in class. Each lesson has an asses…

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