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Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing

This is what we have been working for. In Lesson 4 of 4, we will make the chips fly as we machine the parts, assemble them, and test the final engine!

9 10 11 12

Steam History and Steam Engine Paper Model

Explore engineering and machining through the lens of a working model steam engine! In Lesson 1 of 4, we will cover the history of steam engines and begin the build with a paper model.

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The Oscillating Engine -Understanding the Machine Prints

The time has come to dig into the machine part prints of the single acting (SA) oscillating engine! In Lesson 3 of 4, we will review the part prints in order to prepare for machining each part for the final build.

9 10 11 12

Steam Engine Paper Model Assembly

Take your paper model to the next level! In lesson 2, students assemble the parts of the paper model while learning each part's name and function.

Customizing the Domino

In this final lesson, the students will build upon what they have learned by running the domino on a CNC Mill, and get to customize it to the numbers they want and their name on the back. It makes a great father's or mother's day gift, too!

9 10 11 12 A

The Final Assembly and Time to Play

This is the final lesson, 5 of 5, of the child's toy maze project. Students will assemble and finish the Maze.

9 10

Demonstrating the CNC Domino

Using students at random, the teacher walks them through a demonstration of how to setup and use of a CNC Mill to make a domino. Students will be taking notes on the procedure sheet... I have them do this on their phones, and have them attach videos and photos to the procedure sheet.

9 10

How Does A CNC Mill Work?

Make a Domino, using a CNC Mill. In this lesson, the students will explore how a CNC Mill works. In associated lessons, the students will setup and operate a CNC Mill to make a Domino. This is often used as the first project to learn how use a CNC Mill.

9 10

Making the CNC Domino

Independent practice making a domino, using a CNC Mill. This is the third part of the four part series in making a domino. Students have previously learned about CNC Safety, operation and have had a demo on how to use the equipment to make a domino. Now they get to make one!

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