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Storytelling Your Website Design STEM Integrated Project

In Storytelling Your Career... by Design, the students will be introduced to webpage design and development along with career exploration. The students will research careers using the occupational groups provided by the government. They will use HTML programming language and utilize this career information as content for a webpage. Once the stud…

9 10 11 12

Trash Transformations: Landscapes of Change STEM Integrated Project

How have human productivity and consumption shaped our daily habits and our way of life today? Can trash be considered "art" and can it serve as a form of trash activism? And the most important question...How did wolves change the rivers in Yellowstone? This project is designed to get students thinking about how personal choices they make can im…

10 11 12

Who's Getting Away? Finding a Pattern using Forensics STEM Integrated Project

While watching an episode of a CSI type show or reading a crime novel, one can't help but wonder if the "science" being used is, well, truly scientific! While we can't vouch for the methods of TV crime fighters, the fact remains that the knowledge and use of scientific methods are critical to solving crime. In this STEM Integrated project "Who's …

Should We Save the Trees? Exploring a Local Controversy STEM Integrated Project

In this project, students will answer the essential question: "Should we save the trees?" Specifically, the unit examines the controversial removal by PG&E of old-growth trees in the City of Oroville. In Language Arts, students read informational texts, examine civil disobedience, and argue a position. In Intro to Programming, students will res…


Green is the New Black - Green Building Design STEM Integrated Project

Students will learn the importance of green buildings in relation to individuals and our environment. The guiding essential question is, "What are the benefits and challenges of green construction?" Students will be introduced to the project through videos, quizzes, Powerpoint, and a field trip. At the end of this project, students will be skille…

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How Deep Is Your (Carbon) Footprint STEM Integrated Project

Geographic information systems (GIS) is a way for students to look at data. This allows students gather data and draw conclusions about their region. Students will analyze data gathered by scientists around the world to make conclusions about their personal impact on the environment. GIS will be the driving force of this project as students will c…

9 10 11 12

It's Lit(erature) - Introduction to E-Textiles STEM Integrated Project

Combining foreign language literature with practical graphic design skills, this integrated STEM project merges the world language of French and CTE Graphic Design by constructing electronic fabric projects, also known as e-textiles. Based upon their interpretation of original fairy tales (and not the Disney versions!), students in CTE graphic de…

11 12

Ellie The Entrepreneur - How to Start Your Own Business STEM Integrated Project

"Ellie" has realized that she wants to become an entrepreneur and has decided to start her own business called the "Grizzly Grind." This project explores this idea through the lens of ITC, Business and Finance and English Language-Arts.These lessons can be taught together or as stand alone. Information and Technologies: Ellie will be using Micr…

9 10 11 12

Chicken Co-Op - Creating a Commercial Chicken Cooperative STEM Integrated Project

This project is a collaborative effort between Agriculture & Soil Chemistry, Animal Science, English Language Arts and Mathematics. The project culminates in a commercial chicken cooperative operation on the school grounds. This project can be utilized to lay the groundwork for building a laying hen operation to return funds to the agriculture prog…

9 10 11 12

Changing One's Tune: A Music Therapy STEM Integrated Project

Stress and anxiety has been on the rise for students in modern world. Learning how to cope with the many stressors our students face today is pivotal for any successful educational outcomes inside and outside school life. In this project, the ultimate goal of the students will be to create a music therapy space. Hopefully it will be a place where…

9 10 11 12

Identity in the New Age STEM Integrated Project

How do we support our students to empathize with others through shared experiences? Moreover, how can we find ways to connect with each other that transcend race, gender, age, and cultural boundaries? This CTE / STEM Integrated Project, Identity in the New Age, gives students opportunities to explore the way individual identity works within netwo…

9 10 11 12

Virtual Reality and the Immigrant Crisis STEM Integrated Project

This project will explore the dynamics of immigration, and the impact that immigrants have on populations, using a multidisciplinary approach (Graph Communication, Math, World Languages and Biology). In Graphic Design, students will explore the issues related to immigration. Exploration will include why people move to a new country, city, state; w…

9 10 11 12

Creating a Martian Society STEM Integrated Project

As the 10th grade capstone experience, students will work in interdisciplinary teams to create a Martian colony that incorporates learning from core curricular areas. The project will culminate in a "colonist recruitment fair" in which students will try to convince student stakeholders to join their colony on Mars. Engineering: Design and constru…

9 10 11 12

Hear Me! STEM Integrated Project

How do we encourage empathy with our students? In this STEM Integrated project, the power of music and narrative come together as a way to share each other's stories and understand each other just a little better. Students will collaborate to produce and publish scored interviews and narratives about their lives. They will also have the opportuni…

9 10 11 12

Creating an Underwater Robot - An Instruction Guide STEM Integrated Project

Did you know that there are robots specifically created for completing tasks underwater? Called "Underwater ROVs" (remotely operated vehicles), they are becoming increasingly important for use in research, search and recovery, and completing tasks that are difficult for humans. This project gives students the opportunity to go through the engine…

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