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Stem Cell Research Proposal STEM Integrated Project

In this project that will take approximately 2 1/2 weeks to complete, students explore Stem Cell Research from the vantage point of three curricular areas: As a social scientist with regards to ethics and global issues, a medical scientists with respect to clinical trials and treatment of disease, and from our English teacher, the patient perspecti…

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Creating A STEM-Themed Amusement Park (CAMS AP) STEM Integrated Project

CAMS AP is an interdisciplinary project that is designed to have teams of students working together to design, promote, market and create a STEM-themed amusement park. The culminating activity in the project is an investor fair where students will try to convince potential investors to fund their theme park project. This project is meant to be com…

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Defend Your Solution to a Real World Problem STEM Integrated Project

This is a Linked Learning unit based on the Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric (EDPPSR) Component 2, which has the following elements: - Design Concept Generation, Analysis and Selection - Application of STEM Principles and Practices - Consideration of Design Viability - The project presented here is the design of a projectile lau…

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Up, Up and Away! STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, engineering students model and design a craft that utilizes principles of efficient design to effectively achieve levitation via hot air lift (like a hot air balloon). They explore principles of lift, gases, volume, efficiency, and creativity as they attempt to create a model that can stay afloat for over a minute. The steps of the d…

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The Epic Epidemiological Examination STEM Integrated Project

This unit dives deep into a journey that examines basic characteristics of viruses, introduces the concept of index cases and patient zero and elicits the importance of ELISA testing in case identification. It illuminates human tragedy and the impact of an array of public health epidemics that transformed approaches in disease prevention and interv…

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Ethical and Acceptable Use of Technology STEM Integrated Project

In every society there are rules that its citizens must abide by. This is also true for the digital sphere, where everyone must learn to understand what rules and policy must be followed for us to be good digital citizens. This unit will delve into how technology has impacted our privacy, rights, culture, and our lives. Students will have the oppor…

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Solar Duino House STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, students will design and build a simple model home that uses solar-generated and stored power to run an arduino-controlled fan cooling and lighting system. They learn how to capture, store, and control solar energy, as well as how to program arduino units to use temperature sensors to accomplish their project. In addition to the CTE/…

When Disaster Strikes STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, students will prepare for developing their own senior project by engaging in a collaboratively imagined natural disaster. The learning activities are based on Unit 1 of Project Lead The Way's Engineering, Design and Development course; and elements A & B from the Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric. In addition to the…

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CAD Cake STEM Integrated Project

In this 7th-8th Grade unit, students will learn about perimenter, area and volume mathematically speaking and formulate a 2-D drawing to take into the Autodesk Inventor lab. In the Inventor lab, they will learn basic as well as more advanced features to turn their created 2-D drawings into 3-D created masterpieces where they will then learn the bas…

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The Effect of Blade Design STEM Integrated Project

This unit is part of a much bigger, semester-long CTE project. The completed project involves the construction of a wind turbine and its charge controller, as well as the supporting academic instruction, safety and tool lessons, and testing and performance investigations. This unit focuses on the introductory components of this project and would ea…

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Corporate Identity and the Power of Rhetoric STEM Integrated Project

This project takes students through a scenario where they act as “Bevron,” a corporation responsible for a massive oil spill. Students will study the persuasive techniques utilized in advertising, the science behind oil spills and other environmental disasters, and how to properly prepare an argument for your case using ethos, pathos and logos. In…

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Picturing Social Justice STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, students will use techniques in digital photography to research, generate and identify a relevant social justice issue. In the understanding of digital resolution for the web and print, students will explore the relationship between pixels and vectors; apply their knowledge of area and the unit square; and will explore reproduction us…

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Someone Else's Shoes: Creating a Cinemagraph STEM Integrated Project

We never see ourselves. Other people form a perception of who we are. Can a photograph see inside your soul? Can a photograph see your dreams or fears? What does the photographer see? Is the photographer's point of view a mirror of the photographed? What if the photo moves? In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators w…

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Nursing as a Career STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, students will explore health careers as well as what it is like to be a nurse. Students will also learn about and be able to demonstrate how to take basic vital signs. In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in History that supplement the primary core area of study. The str…

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Do We Dam It? STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, students create campaign materials and perform a mock referendum for the building of a new hydro project. The specifics of this project are based on the Auburn Dam, an on-going regional controversy. In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in History, Math and English Languag…

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