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Modern Day Slavery PSA STEM Integrated Project

Middle School students will expand their concept of slavery beyond U.S. Civil War stereotypes to include modern-day slavery. They will chose a topic from the general topic of modern day slavery to focus on further study and project work. The culminating project is a Public Service announcement video, either told in narrative style or informative.…

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Forensic Ballistics Analysis STEM Integrated Project

Forensic scientists combine a variety of skills and disciplines to analyze physical evidence. In this project, Forensic students learn how to use chemistry, physics and the known characteristics of common materials to analyze a crime scene. In addition, students will develop skills in documentation and presentation through the use of Computer Assis…

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It's All Fun and Games with Engineering STEM Integrated Project

In this project students will create a new game that teaches elements of ecology while applying writing skills in the backstory and instructions, math skills in calculating probability and triangles, and engineering prowess in making the actual game components in the lab. The culmination of this project will be a game that is targeted at a middle…

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Creating A STEM-Themed Amusement Park (CAMS AP) STEM Integrated Project

CAMS AP is an interdisciplinary project that is designed to have teams of students working together to design, promote, market and create a STEM-themed amusement park. The culminating activity in the project is an investor fair where students will try to convince potential investors to fund their theme park project. This project is meant to be com…

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Desk Top Name Plate STEM Integrated Project

The Desktop Sign is a great quick project that can be made of either wood or metal. The project is designed to apply geometry skills, specifically parallel lines and transversals. Students will see how an understanding of geometry will help to create the two parts of a Desktop Sign by reducing the material needed. The project starts with the stud…

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Guppy Tank: No Business Too Small STEM Integrated Project

It has been said that small industry serves as the backbone of the American economy. In this project, students will study the instrumental role of small businesses on the economy, analyze the impact of unemployment and design a small business to address a niche for an identified population. Similar to the TV series "Shark Tank," the culminating p…

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Test Your "Mettle:" Physical Metallurgy STEM Integrated Project

This is a joint metal shop and science class long-term project exploring the microscopic and macroscopic properties of metals, with the culminating assessment a competition to see which of the students' home-made testing devices is most effective in consistently determining the steel samples' hardness and tensile strength. From the science aspect…

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Don't Let The Cloud Rain On Your Dreams - STEM Integrated Project

Students will realize the importance of technology as they embark on the college and career adventure. A+/Cisco Academy students will share their technology knowledge and practice their customer service skills with the AVID students. These lessons could be easily be adapted to an integrated team of social science or ELA students. Culminating proj…

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Lock It Up! STEM Integrated Project

This project will teach students how to design and fabricate a steel lock box. Students will learn the design features that a lock box should have, create a materials list for it and then fabricate the lock box. Students will also explore the need for a lock box in today's changing world. Welding and Fabrication concepts that are taught are meas…

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Building a Successful Skatepark: Planning, Promoting & Profiting! STEM Integrated Unit

Since this is an Integrated project, each group will contribute to the final Skatepark Enterprise. Video Production: Promo-Video Package (Commercials of varying length) to promote the Skatepark. Graphic Design: Business Logos and Visual Promotional materials to create a “brand” for the skatepark. Math: Skatepark obstacle design models and budget/f…

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Rainwater Collection System STEM Integrated Project

This project will help students understand the use and needs of water from a state level to a garden level. Students will gain an understanding of California's drought patterns, take a look a how and where water is used in the state, then move into study their local watershed. Finally, they will look at the water needs for their high school gard…

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It IS Rocket Science! STEM Integrated Project

This is a fun project. Students will create rockets of their own and launch them. They will be in competition to get the highest altitude achieved. Along the way they will learn many skills in CAD software, printing parts on a 3D printer and mathematics skills of plotting various quadratic equations on a graphical calculator. The software tool …

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Nursing as a Career STEM Integrated Project

In this unit, students will explore health careers as well as what it is like to be a nurse. Students will also learn about and be able to demonstrate how to take basic vital signs. In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in History that supplement the primary core area of study. The str…

Residential Concrete : Foundations and Form STEM Integrated Project

In these lessons students will be learning about the Pythagorean Theorem, the importance in anchor bolts and the proper way to mix concrete. They will also learn how to mix concrete to do a slump test, and learn what and why slump tests are so important. The culminating lesson is a great way for the students to showcase all that they have learned b…

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Let's Design a Solar Boat STEM Integrated Project

Shiver me timbers fellow teachers! This project wraps math, history, environmental studies, English, and science into a perfect brainstorming solar boat making experience. The culminating project results in students optimally identifying recyclable materials that will make a floating object and simultaneously harnessing the sun's energy as a me…

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