Basic Elements of Straight Line



Technical sketching is a necessary skill used by Architects, Engineers, & Contractors to communicate basic ideas in design and construction project work. This lesson starts with the very elementary practice of drawing straight lines without the aid of a straight edge. As we progress with our straight practice , the lesson will progress into geometric shapes such as triangles and also drawing lines at general angles such as 45 degrees. Proficiency in freehand technical sketching is communicating the idea without the use of words including elements of shading, perspective and detail. If the student sketches the classroom TV, does it look like a TV or a microwave? Proficiency is communicating! Try to understand that straight line practice in this lesson evolves into basic geometric shapes and then those basic straight line shapes are used to develop circles and arcs. Example - a square is used to develop a circle.

Time Element

One period
55 Minutes

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Industries / Pathways
  • Engineering & Architecture Engineering & Architecture

Basic elements of straight line

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