Building a Better Back Scratcher - Forming and Finishing


Lesson 4 has students forming and finishing their bent-wood back scratchers and completing this PBL project. This series of lessons introduced students to differing tree species, grain orientation and steam bending.


This lesson has students taking their bent-wood back scratcher blanks, and completing the forming and finishing operations to conclude this project. Upon completion, students may, well, scratch, or pat themselves on the back!

Students will learn about proper sanding technique and use the band saw to form the handle. They will use a simple wax finish to complete the project, and learn about the hazards and benefits of oil and water based finishes, in addition to learning which finishes are food and child safe.

Lesson Times

5 Minutes
The Hook: True Grit!
25 Minutes
Understanding Grit Numbers
5 Minutes
True Grit!: Share and Compare
20 Minutes
Sanding the Backscratcher
30 Minutes
Applying Finish
30 Minutes
Final inspection, sanding, prior to finishing
10 Minutes

Industries / Subjects / Grades

Industries / Pathways
  • Building and Construction Trades Building and Construction Trades
    • Cabinetry, Millwork, and Woodworking
K-12 Subjects
  • Technology Education
Grade Levels
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • Adult

Standards and Objectives


California's 2013 CTE Standards (2)

Related Instructional Objectives (SWBAT...)

  • Students will be able to explain the numeric method of sandpaper grit classification
  • Students will be able to demonstrate proper hand sanding methods to reduce sanding mark defects in the finish
  • Students will describe two non-toxic finishes that are suitable for indoor or food safe surfaces

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