Lesson 2: How to use "Object Snaps" in CAD



In this lesson, students will be introduced to the concept of Object Snaps ("Osnaps" as used in some CAD programs). The concept of drawing accurately, starting a new line accurately, exactly on the endpoint of a previous line, will be taught. Seventeen object snaps in one CAD program will be explained to the students. All students will become proficient at using all 17 methods.

Lesson Time

Industries / Subjects / Grades

Industries / Pathways
  • Engineering & Architecture Engineering & Architecture
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Architectural Design
    • Engineering Design
    • Engineering Technology
  • Information and Communication Technologies Information and Communication Technologies
    • Networking
Grade Levels
  • 11

Standards and Objectives


California English Common Core Standards (1)
California's 2008 CTE Standards (5)

Related Instructional Objectives (SWBAT...)

  • The students will be able to distinguish between SNAP MODE and OBJECT SNAPS in a CAD program.
  • The students will be able to competently and accurately use the following object snaps in CAD (specifically AutoCAD): Endpoint, Midpoint, Center, Tangent, Quadrant, Perpendicular, Parallel, Intersection, Apparent Intersection, Mid Between 2 Points, From, Nearest, Extension, Node, Insert, None, and Temporary Track Point.
  • The students will be able to use Object Snap Tracking.(Note: These objectives relate specifically to skills in AutoCAD but the instructor could adapt these lessons for other CAD programs in use at his/her institution.)

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