Practical Application of Grafting


Lesson 4 is the practical application of grafting. Students will demonstrate knowledge.


Students will demonstrate what they learned about grafting. This is an opportunity for students to graft their own school orchard fruit trees, fruit trees in a community garden or if possible, to contact neighbors near the school to offer the gift of grafting to enhance the neighbors own fruit trees. Senior living homes sometimes have gardens and fruit trees that would benefit from grafting.

*Its a good idea to have students take step by step pictures of their grafting to put into their brochures.

The teacher will closely monitor student progress as students graft on their own.

Finally, students will teach other students, either peers or younger students at a middle school that has a community garden and orchard. A brochure demonstrating grafting will be a final project that can be handed out within the community and the schools where they demonstrated grafting.

This is a great skill to pass onto other generations.

This is a 2 day lesson depending upon the number of scions and rootstock to graft.

*Check with your county ag office to find out if there is a scion and seed exchange in your area in the beginning of the year. This is a great resource as scions are free.

*If planning to have students demonstrate to middle school students, you will need to plan this in advance.

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