**Wheel removal and replacement by Robin Coyne



This lesson will review safe proper tire and rim assembly removal and replacement. It is extremely critical for the instructor to emphasize safety in all of the activities performed. Personal and group safety will be emphasized. Students will use a variety of hand and power tools and will be working on live vehicles. Students will learn about the foot/pound torque wrench and its measurement system used to correctly tighten wheel lug nuts.

Industries / Subjects / Grades

Industries / Pathways
  • Transportation Transportation

Standards and Objectives


California's 2008 CTE Standards (7)
California Academic Content Standards (2)

Related Instructional Objectives (SWBAT...)

  • Students will record information in their journal by taking clear and specific notes about each process.
  • Students will demonstrate a sequence of repair by performing tasks in order
  • Students will correctly demonstrate the skill needed to perform each task.
  • Students will be able to orally explain the tasks they are performing with specificity to the particulars of the job.
  • Students will demonstrate safe and proper use of tools.
  • Students will demonstrate proper clean up procedures at the end of the shop work.

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