Women's Health in a Refugee Crisis (CTE)


Refugee women represent a vulnerable group who have been involuntarily displaced, are survivors of human rights abuses, and need special attention and care. This lesson will address the specific needs of women in the refugee crisis.


The U.S. accepted more than 73,000 new refugee arrivals in fiscal year 2010, 47.3% of these new arrivals were female, an additional number of Syrian Refugees are and will be arriving in the United States of America. Addressing the needs of women refugees is an important aspect of the crisis.

Lesson Times

2 periods
108 Minutes

Industries / Subjects / Grades

K-12 Subjects
  • Science
Industries / Pathways
  • Health Science and Medical Technology Health Science and Medical Technology
    • Healthcare Administrative Services
Grade Levels
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

Standards and Objectives

Related Instructional Objectives (SWBAT...)

  • SWBAT explain the process of resettlement
  • SWBAT present 10 needs of pregnant women during Ramadan

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