Your Future Lifestyle



This lesson plan is used in the beginning of the year as an introduction to consider what students may want in their future and the career they may want to consider to support their future lifestyle.

Students will explore the costs and specs of their ideal future vehicle and home using current prices. Students will also research their ideal future career and see how the career will support their future lifestyle.

Lesson Time

4 Class Periods
4 Hours

Industries / Subjects / Grades

Industries / Pathways
  • Marketing, Sales, and Services Marketing, Sales, and Services

Standards and Objectives


California Academic Content Standards (2)
California's 2008 CTE Standards (2)

Related Instructional Objectives (SWBAT...)

  • Students will be able to explore and research a career and develop a plan to obtain the education, certification, and skills for that job objective.
  • Students will be able to learn to align their career plans and future lifestyle.

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