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This instructional program prepares students to use artistic and technological foundations to create animated presentations for industry and entertainment. Students will develop basic drawing and design skills, learn the fundamentals and physics movement, the concept of communication to a given audience, and techniques for self-expression through a variety of animated formats. In addition, they will explore the careers and requisite skills required by animators in both entertainment and the business world.

About the Team: This structure of this course and the materials contained within it were created by a team of educators from across the state with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Specialist Shawn Sullivan.

From CALPADS: Intermediate Animation (Concentrator)

This course will build on foundational artistic and technical animation skills to prepare students for specific career paths in the Animation industry. Students will refine artistic skills and competencies and examine the variety of jobs in creating and producing within the professional animation industry. Students will explore the career options and opportunities in their particular career path.

Program Information
CTE Certification Elements
California's 2008 CTE Standards (49)
California Academic Content Standards (23)
Competencies / Outcomes

The student will be able to understand the scope and responsibilities of the following:

  • Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Technical Director
  • Research and Development
  • Story Artist, Layout Artist, Matte Painters, Character Designer, Modeler, Animator
  • Sound Designer, Composer

Art and Animation History

Lessons in this unit will teach students about the history of animation, from the first inventions to present day techniques.

Animation History
8 Hours

Intro to Art Theory and Fundamentals

Lessons in this unit will teach students about the art theory of animation, from the elements and principles of art to the philosophy of Aesthetics.

Art Fundamnetals
24 Hours

Animation Principles

Lessons in this unit will teach students about the seven principles of character animation.

Character Animation
80 Hours

Careers in Animation

Lessons in this unit will teach students about the Jobs of animation.

Jobs of Animation
16 Hours


Lessons in this unit will teach students about the responsibilities of a media artist.

5 Hours
Lesson Plans