Digital Art (Grade 11/12)

by Daniel Donnelly

This course is an introduction to fundamental concepts, practices, and theories of digital art production. Topics include integration of traditional design, color, and compositional principles with contemporary digital tools. (C-ID ARTS 250).

This course is intended as a Dual Enrollment Course with Community College

Recommended Prep: Reading Level IV; English Level IV; Math Level III

Course Length:
34 Hours Lecture
51 Hours Lab

Program Information
Course Certification Elements
Course Competencies / Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: Apply the elements and principles of design in finished digital images and time-based works. 

  1. Create a portfolio of work demonstrating formal, conceptual, and technical development.
  2. Produce digital images and time-based work through various digital media input and output methods using vector or raster-based software.
  3. Examine and describe contemporary approaches, language, aesthetics and emerging media in digital art. 
  4. Safely handle and maintain digital imaging hardware and materials.
  5. Evaluate and critique digital images and time-based works utilizing relevant terminology and concepts.
Course Work Based Learning Activities


A. Reading Assignments

1. Research and read about a digital photographer or designer specializing in photo manipulation. Be prepared to critique in class.

2. Read a magazine article supplied by the instructor on specialized photo manipulation techniques. demonstrate technique to class.

B. Writing Assignments

1. Research a photoshop professional and write a one page biography on this individual. Include artist's photographs in the biography.

2. Write a one page paper to incorporate into a magazine layout. Include visual elements from the artist into the design.

C. Out-of-Class Assignments

1. Research a beginning photoshop tutorial. Demonstrate the technique to the class.

2. Use the styrofoam letters supplied by the instructor to create a scene. Photograph this and share with class.


A. Lecture

B. Instructor Demonstrations

C. Homework: Students are required to complete two hours of outside-of-class homework for each hours of lecture.

D. Discussion

E. Crtique



A. Quizzes

B. Oral Presentation

C. Projects

D. Written Assignments

E. Class Discussion

Course Materials


A. Arntson, Amy. Digital Design Basics . 1 Edition. Wadsworth Publishing, 2005.

B. London, Stone and Upton. A Short Course in Digital Photography . 1 Edition. Prentice Hall, 2009.

Materials Other Than Textbooks:

A. Handout Materials

B. Reserve Library Books

Course Units (180 hour course)


Topics Hours

1. Elements and principles of design as they relate to digital media 4.50

2. Concept development as it relates to digital and time-based art 4.50

3. The use of technology to create art through various digital media input and output . methods 5.00

4. Principles and uses of vector and raster-based software in the creation of digital art 5.00

5. Characteristics of color in additive and subtractive color systems 5.00

6. History, contemporary trends, language, aesthetics, and emerging media as they relate to art 5.00

7. Group and individual critiques of digital images utilizing relevant terminology and concepts 5.00

Total Hours 34.00


Topics Hours

1. Create art through various digital media input and output methods using vector or raster-based software 17.00

2. Assignments focusing on the conceptual development in project-based digital images and time-based works 17.00

3. Group and individual critiques in oral and written formats 17.00


Total Hours 51.00

Course Outline as a Google Doc