Forestry and Natural Resources - CTE Online Model

by CTE Online Admin

The Forestry and Natural Resources Course helps students understand the relationships between California's natural resources and the environment. Topics include energy and nutrient cycles, water resources and management, soil conservation, wildlife preservation and management, forest and fire management, lumber production, the outdoor recreation industry and multiple-use management.

About the Team: This structure of this course and the materials contained within it were created by a team of educators from across the state with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Specialist Karen Dalton-Wemp.

From CALPADS: This concentrator course provides a more specific area of focus such as wildlife management, resource management, forestry and the development of management plans.

Program Information
CTE Certification Elements
California English Common Core Standards (4)
California Math Common Core Standards (2)
Next Generation Science Standards (7)
California's 2013 CTE Standards (18)
California's 2008 CTE Standards (20)
California Academic Content Standards (10)
Competencies / Outcomes
  • Energy and energy cycles
  • Air and water use, management practices, conservation strategies
  • Soil compostiion and soil management
  • Rangeland management
  • Wildlife management and habitat
  • Aquatic resourses use and management
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Plant physiology, anatomy and taxonomy
  • Fire and natural resource management
  • Forest management practices
  • Measurement, surveying and mapping
  • Natural resource industries' use, processing, and marketing products
  • Public and private land issues

Energy and Energy Cycles

This unit covers energy and energy cycles, resource management conservation and preservation, and human influences on natural resources.

14 Hours

Air and Water Use

This unit contains lessons on conservation, regulation, quality and management plans.

14 Hours

Soil Composition and Management

This unit covers all aspects of soil composition and management.

14 Hours

Rangeland Management

This unit covers rangeland management, quality, best practices, regulations and public land grazing.

14 Hours

Wildlife Management and Habitat

This unit covers wildlife species and their management, identification, and impacts.

14 Hours

Aquatic Resource Use and Management

This unit covers aquatic resources and management practices.

14 Hours

Outdoor Recreation Industry

This unit covers recreational activity environmental impact, gear and supplies, first aid, and trail construction and maintenance.

13 Hours

Plant Physiology, Anatomy, and Taxonomy

This unit covers plant and animal taxonomy, identification and systems.

14 Hours

The Role of Fire in Resource Management

This unit covers fire's role in resource management and certification for fire-suppression.

14 Hours

Forest Management Practices

This unit contains lessons on how forests are used and how to develop and initiate forest management systems.

In the "Tree Mortality in the Sierra Nevadas" PBL Project, students will explore why trees are dying at an alarming rate in the Southern California Sierra Nevada mountains. Why is this occurring and what effect will this have on our forest ecosystems? How will forestry professionals manage the enormity of this problem? What are possible solutions? Students will answer these questions as they delve into a four lesson project that covers the California drought, pine bark beetle infestation, forest health, and forest management practices. Student knowledge and understanding of these topics will be demonstrated during a culminating project that requires students to create a forest management plan for a specified region in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

14 Hours

Measurement, Surveying and Mapping

This unit covers using measurement, surveying, and mapping to make natural resource management decisions.

14 Hours

Natural Resource Product Use, Processing and Marketing

This unit covers processing and marketing of a variety of natural resource products.

14 Hours

Public and Private Land Issues

This unit covers the many issues involved in responsible public and private land use.

13 Hours

Employment Portfolio

The lessons in this unit will consist of activities that teach the student how to write a portfolio for a student organization or for a future job.

10 Hours