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Hospitality Tourism & Recreation is a course designed to introduce the student to the various aspects of Hospitality industry. It is currently estimated that 30% of all the jobs in the state of California are available in the hospitality and food service workplaces therefore emphasis is placed on meeting the needs for the growing number of resources and services in the local area. This class is designed to give the student basic skills needed to acquire an entry level job in lodging, recreation, travel event planning and theme park/ exhibition occupations.

From CALPADS: Intermediate Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation (Concentrator)

This concentration course prepares students for employment in occupations in hospitality, tourism, and recreation. Instruction includes providing hospitality services in diverse settings to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients; eco-tourism; guest services; geography of the continents; customs and culture of countries as tourist destinations; special documentation needed for international travel; planning events to client specifications; recreational opportunities related to onsite and off-site attractions; and environmental and ecological principles.

Program Information
CTE Certification Elements
California's 2013 CTE Standards (29)
California English Common Core Standards (2)
California's 2008 CTE Standards (71)
California Academic Content Standards (20)
Competencies / Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand organization, management and department operations for the Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism Industry.
  • Be prepared to advance in their hospitality career by understanding foundational information about the hospitality industry
  • Identify and successfully pursue career and educational opportunities in the Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism Industry.
  • Demonstrate appropriate leadership and etiquette skills.
  • Understand and perform basic hospitality services.
  • Abide by appropriate and required safety, sanitation and emergency procedures.

Orientation - Classroom Climate

The lessons in this unit will consist of activities that introduce the student to classroom procedures, classroom behavior expectations, grading and class outcomes.

Classroom /Lab
3 Hours

Employment Portfolio

The lessons in this unit will consist of activities that teach the student how to write a portfolio for a student organization or for a future job.

10 Hours

The Hospitality Industry

Industry sector overview that educates students about the very wide variety of the hospitality industry. This unit also includes skills necessary to be employable and what opportunities are available in the current job market. jobs, work habits and ethics. Communication skills and employee responsibilities are discussed.

25 Hours

Travel & Tourism

This unit is to highlight current tourism trends and develop an awareness of world tourism. Topics related to travel such as customer service, client information & communication, as well as reservations. Students will understand the skills needed for travel booking

25 Hours

The Lodging Industry

This unit develops skills related to the lodging industry & various jobs associated to the industry such as front desk, accounting, maintence & grounds, housekeeping as well as reservations and customer service

25 Hours

Culinary Arts & Restaurant, Manager Services & Beverages

This unit will focus on the elements of culinary safety & sanitation, emergency procedures, the restaurant business, restaurant operations, managed services, & beverages.

25 Hours

Assemblies and Event Management

This unit covers the various information students need to learn to effectively develop skills need to be and event planner and meet the needs of a wide variety of client needs

25 Hours

Recreation, Theme Park & Gaming Entertainment

The focus of this unit is to understand thescope of service needed to work in theme parks or outdoor recreation settings. Students will gain an understanding of culture, customs, client diversity, outdoor recreation, local travel, on property services, guest assistance.

30 Hours

Operational Areas of the Hospitality Industry

This unit contains information on Leadership and management skills, marketing of hospitality programs, human resources, accounting, finance and cost control.

25 Hours

Sports and Entertainment Promotional Plan PBL Project

Whether you are watching a famous athlete make an unbelievable play or witnessing a sensational singing performance, the world of sports and entertainment is never boring. Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a up and coming career choice for our youth. The PBL project of Sports and Entertainment Marketing immerses students into this glamorous field. This series of lessons starts with the introductions of sports, entertainment and marketing. The project culminates by bringing all of these concepts together with a final assessment that focuses on a Promotional Plan for an existing sports or entertainment company.