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Short, Fast, Creative, & informative-Film Trailers!

Most students love to watch films and love to go to the movies. So they are already somewhat familiar with trailers, whose purpose is to promote or market upcoming releases. Today, teachers and students can watch trailers via websites, so they are more accessible than ever.

The overall goal of this project is to give students the opportunity to get hands-on experience while making their own 30 second trailer for one of the "short videos" they have previously (or simultaneously) made in your class.

Prerequisite Information:

Since this project is for an advanced video production course, the emphasis is "Advanced Editing" and the final trailers should reflect this idea. You will not be "teaching" editing in this project, but rather guiding your students and helping them become better editors through technique and story development. They should also have produced at least one short genre type film for your class. If they have not produced any short films they can also edit footage that you provide them or even make a trailer out of a full length Hollywood production!



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