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Students will explore the most challenging aspect of teaching, classroom management. They will examine positive interaction, guidance, and discipline strategies that build relationships and establish effective classroom management.

Lesson 1 - This lesson draws students into thinking about, discussing, and describing the underlying causes of chaos in a classroom, and establishes the importance of building relationships and practicing effective classroom management to create an environment conducive to teaching and learning.

Lesson 2 - This is the second in a series of four lessons where students observe and examine teacher and student behaviors and classroom set-up and routines that play a role in classroom management.

Lesson 3 - The students have been given a foundation about the importance of classroom management and they have studied what has to be managed in a classroom. In lesson three, students continue to prepare for their elementary school observation by examining best practices for delivery of classroom management strategies.

Lesson 4 - The students have learned much about what is involved with classroom management, including the importance of positive teacher-student interactions. In this fourth and final lesson, students will apply what they have learned in the classroom and in the field by constructing and demonstrating classroom management strategies.

This project is brought to you by Mona Klein (CTE) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Joshua Bradley.
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Classroom Management 1: Why?

Classroom Management 2: What?

Classroom Management 3: How?

Classroom Management 4: Strategies