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In this project, students will explore the ways that our understanding of the truth can be influenced by viewing facts through another's perspective. Students will consider the possibility that the person privileged to tell the story holds the power to control the direction of the narrative. They will discuss ways to uncover other voices and other points of view in order to gain a deeper understanding of complex issues.

In Ceramics, students will reflect on the ways society's expectations can influence other's perceptions of who they are. They will develop mask projects that show both the "story" society tells about them and the story they tell about themselves.

In Science, students will hone their scientific literacy skills by exploring the difference between scientific and popular points of view on controversial topics. They will analyze texts from both categories in order to evaluate the reliability of sources and take a position on a complex issue.

In ELA, students will explore the ways that perspective can skew our understanding of the characters in a narrative. They will analyze the use of concrete details in Edith Wharton's classic novel, Ethan Frome, and discuss the possibility that the book's narrator may not be telling the whole story.

This unit is brought to you by Linnea Smith (CTE), Becky Brown (ELA), and Malina Olson (Science) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Gregg Witkin.


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Scientific Literacy

Vaccines, Can I choose?

The CRISPR Controversy

Decoding Media

"Seeing" One Side of the Story: Imagery and Perspective in Ethan Frome

Setting the Stage: Setting and Perspective in Ethan Frome

Perception vs. Reality: The Unreliable Narrator

Unheard Stories: Hearing the Women in Ethan Frome

Visual Storytelling: Telling Your Story

The Hidden Emotion: Finding Your Story

Planning the Mask: Drafting Your Story

Making The Mask: Sculpting Your Story