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In this advanced video production project, students will pick from one of two products after which they will produce a infomercial.

Lesson #1: What is an infomercial? To kick off the unit and grab the student's attention, students will view a familiar infomercial. During this lesson, students will study the formation of a professional infomercial through individual and group activities.
Lesson #2: In the second of four lessons, student groups will write the script for their Infomercial. Students will also name and create the slogan for the group's energy drink. This will help bring the product to life.
Lesson #3: In Lesson 3 of 4, students are introduced to the production process. Students will begin the production phase by filming their infomercial using the storyboard, script, and product created in Lessons 1 & 2.
Lesson #4: Lesson 4 of 4 is a culminating activity in which students will utilize materials and footage from Lessons 1, 2 & 3 to edit their infomercials. Students should have editing experience prior to completing this lesson.

This project is brought to you by Jamal Gerren with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by Team Lead Gayle Nicholls-Ali.
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What is an Infomercial? Creating the Storyboard

The Infomercial Script

Filming the Infomercial

Editing the Infomercial Footage