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This unit is part of a much bigger, semester-long CTE project. The completed project involves the design and development of a website and it’s content. This unit focuses on the creation of engaging content for the site.

Adding interactivity to a website will increase user engagement and help users retain the information that they learn in the process. Activities in these lesson plan will help students think about the information they are presenting in a new way. Websites are no longer just informational, but can enhance the learning experience by engaging the user with interactive design. Students will to present the information triggering multiple senses for higher retention of the information presented. Included are design and technical aspects, goals and intended visitor outcomes.

Students will design an interactive activity by evaluating and organizing the content of an informational web page. They will use other students in the class to test the impact of the activity.

Lesson 1: Using Interactivity to Enhance Learning & Retention
Students will experience the stimulation of multiple senses to understand how they enhance user retention, enhancing the learning process. Students will work in their project groups to plan the creation of an interactive activity.

Lesson 2: Gathering and Organizing Content
Students will implement a “best practices” process for file names, folder hierarchy, and archiving of their project. Students will work in groups and use google image search with IP filters to gather content that they can incorporate into their website activity.

Lesson 3: Design an Interactive Activity (UI/UX)
Information Design (UI): Students will determine the best use of interactivity for their content
Content Creation (UX): Students will choose the best tool to create their activity
Testing: Students will test their activity on other students in their group. The most effective activity will be shared with the class and included in the group’s class project.

Lesson 4: Importance of Data Analysis
Students will gather useful feedback from other students on the effectiveness of their activity. Students will analyze the results and make recommendations to improve the user experience. Students will update their activity to incorporate recommended improvements.

This project is brought to you by De Ivett with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by Team Lead Josh Bradley.
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