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This is a Linked Learning unit based on the Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric (EDPPSR) Component 2, which has the following elements:

- Design Concept Generation, Analysis and Selection
- Application of STEM Principles and Practices
- Consideration of Design Viability
- The project presented here is the design of a projectile launcher.

In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in Math and English Language Arts (ELA) that supplement the primary core area of study.

The Math lessons focus on mathematical modeling in the design process.
The English lessons focus on the Brainstorming process in the context of poetry.
The unit can be adapted based on the preparation the students have had in terms of drafting/CAD and physical principles. The unit may be followed by another unit actually building the designs and testing them. This would easily take another week of class time, so the instructors need to consider whether or not this will be a culminating task or a skill builder.

The structure of this unit and the materials contained within it were created by Ted Harder (CTE), Janet Lewis (Math), and Deborah McVay (ELA) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Specialist Mina Greas.


K-12 Subjects
  • English-Language Arts
  • Mathematics
Industries / Pathways
  • Energy, Environment, and Utilities Energy, Environment, and Utilities
  • Engineering & Architecture Engineering & Architecture
Grade Levels
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

Brainstorming (CTE)

Establishing Criteria (CTE)

Analyzing the Design (CTE)

Defending Your Solution (CTE)

Hitting the Target: Modeling in the Real World (Math)

It's Deja Vu All Over Again (Math)

Brainstorming Poetic Dialogue (ELA)

The Bitter Sweet Sonnet Innovation Competition (ELA)