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Food trucks solve a dining service problem by giving them a portable catering option. Since the late 2000s, food truck popularity has exploded, capturing the attention of not only consumers and entrepreneurs but also regulators and city officials. Some explain their recent popularity from the recession's impact on brick and moral establishments, while others point to the use of social media enabling vendors to reach followers in real time. Whatever the cause, it is clear that food truck vendors aren't planning on going away anytime soon.

Throughout the course of this project, students will learn the evolution of food trucks, design a menu, and design and create a mock food truck.

Lesson #1: Students will learn about the history and evolution of food trucks and create an illustration timeline of this history.
Lesson #2: Students will learn about menus of a food truck, and then design their own food truck menu.
Lesson #3: Students will learn food truck tech and design the inside of a food truck on paper.
Lesson #4: Students will design and create a food truck by a paper template.

This project is brought to you by Alyssa Agin with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by Team Lead Laura Gallardo.


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