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The Desktop Sign is a great quick project that can be made of either wood or metal. The project is designed to apply geometry skills, specifically parallel lines and transversals. Students will see how an understanding of geometry will help to create the two parts of a Desktop Sign by reducing the material needed.

The project starts with the student’s personal design style and asks the student how they see themselves and how to convey those attributes to the project that they are building. The Desk Top Sign is the final project it a nameplate for a one’s desk. It should contain the designer’s style, craftsmanship and demonstrate a knowledge of geometry.

Some student skills are: Angle measure, Vocabulary of different type of angles, Parallel lines cut by a transversal, Solving for angles, Use of Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD), Use of a table saw, Use of a mill to cut a bevel, Use of a laser engraver, Use of Drill press, Use of Taps to make internal threads, Sort piece on quality control.

Some careers that might incorporate the skill found in this project are Manufacturing Engineer, Architect, Woodworking.

There can be a few teachers that help with this project. The courses are Geometry, and one or both of the following: Wood Manufacturing and/or Metal Manufacturing. The Geometry teacher will teach students how Parallel lines cut by a transversal create angles. Students will learn to solve for the angles created. This where the idea of reducing the material used come in. The manufacturing teacher will walk the students though the operation to construct their nameplate, while applying the knowledge from the geometry class.

This unit is brought to you by Christian Kinsey (CTE) and Jonathan Schwartz (math) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Mina Greas.



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