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Fire: Just the word can spark fear or bring comfort.

This Integrated Project, "Fire and Drought," looks at the cause of wild fires and what you can do to be prepared if or when a fire threatens your home. These lessons look predominantly at wildfire and drought in California. In addition, this project looks at our history with water. There are a lot of corporations that are vying for control of your water. Who will win? Should water be privately owned by a few corporations or should you and all people have the right to water on your property or in your town? Explore the lessons to see what you can do to protect your home in case of fire and what you can do to protect the water that may be needed one day to save your home or community.

Each lesson can be a stand-alone or used in sequence to look closely as to why wild fires are getting worse.

-The CTE Lessons cover the Fire Triagnle, Wildland Fires, the Tools of the Trade and Fire Prevention, with a special look at the California Wildfires of 2017.

-The Social Science lessons walk you through the history of drought in California and other states and the impact drought has on communities. Drought has different components that students should be aware of in order to conserve water as well as understanding who owns the water rights and how each person can choose to make a difference in their community and government.

-In the ELA lessons, students will be reading, writing and interacting in lessons designed to teach the impact and consequences of wildfire and drought. They culminate with students creating a Public Service Announcement concerning drought and/or wildfire.

This project is brought to you by Deborah Hughes (Agriculture), Lauren Malone (Social Studies), and Scot Tucker (English), with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Susan Morris.


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What Is A Drought? Causes and Effects

What Causes Fire? Exploring the Fire Triangle

Who Owns the Water? Water Rights and Issues

The Nature of Fire - Wildland Fires and Defensible Space

The Impact of Drought On A Community - Creating an Infographic

Fire Behavior, Fire Jobs and Tools of the Trade

The Role of Government In Disaster Relief

Fire Prevention - Focus on the California Wildfires

Wildfire (ELA)

Don't Drought Me (ELA)

Haiku Are You? A Wildfire/Drought Reflection (ELA)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Creating a PSA (ELA)