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This is a concentrator/capstone level fabrication project leading students through the design and fabrication of four separate custom features to be added to the "Flatbed Utility Trailer" project found here on CTE Online.

Original Project: https://www.cteonline.org/curriculum/project/flatbed-utility-trailer-pbl-project/pgnpLp

In this project, students will be able to choose from four different custom features to add into the parent project called "Flatbed Utility Trailer." The original project leads the student through the process of building the basic flatbed utility trailer. This project is "Part 2" of the original project, and allows the student to add the bells and whistles to the trailer project!

Students will design, perform materials/cost estimation and then add one or more of the custom features found in this lesson onto the Flatbed Utility Trailer. Each of the four lessons in this project allows the teacher/student to choose from and build a tilt bed, a tailgate, removable ramps or fixed sides for the trailer. Some of the custom features found in the four lessons within this project can combined to create an even more specialized final trailer product. You will have to look at each lesson to see which ones can be combined. Enjoy!

This project is brought to you by Matt Joiner (CTE) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team.
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Flatbed Trailer Project Custom Options: Tilt Bed

Flatbed Trailer Project Custom Options: Tail Gate

Flatbed Trailer Project Custom Options: Removable Ramp

Flatbed Trailer Project Custom Options: Fixed Sides