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Need a great first cooking lab idea for your middle schoolers? How about a fun, quick cooking project for any student? Take a plain old boring PB&J sandwich to the next level by grilling it French-toast style with your students.

This project prepares students with little to no cooking experience to make a quick easy breakfast/lunch/snack. The four lessons include video, activities, demonstration and a cooking lab experience, ending with a reflective self-evaluation and group activity to create a recipe variation.

Lesson One: "Everybody Pitches In," teaches students about four jobs to distribute duties fairly during a group cooking lab.
Lesson Two: "Hungry? How About a Warm, Gooey French Toasted PBJ Sandwich?" includes activities, video, and demonstration as well as a lab plan to prepare students for a group cooking lab to make the sandwich themselves.
Lesson Three: "Kids in the Kitchen," is the cooking lab day in which students prepare the French toasted sandwich, and includes everything the teacher needs to set up, conduct, and evaluate the lab.
Lesson Four: "Wrapping It Up," includes a written self-evaluation of the lab so that students can reflect on how things went, as well as a fun activity for creating a recipe variation.

This project is brought to you by Christina Orris (CTE) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Laura Gallardo.
Industries / Pathways
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    • Food Service and Hospitality
    • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
Grade Levels
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Everybody Pitches In! Dividing Duties Fairly in the Cooking Lab

Hungry? How About a Warm, Gooey French Toasted PBJ Sandwich?

Kids in the Kitchen...Make a French Toasted PBJ Sandwich!

Wrapping it Up: A Post-Cooking Lab Reflection