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All great productions start with an idea. Coming up with a production idea is a challenging stage for anyone. This Unit covers the many aspects of idea development, refinement and organization. Through the lessons provided students willl be able to bring their ideas to life through brainstorming, storyboard development, scripting, and pitching their ideas for feedback.

Students will learn to organize and develop their projects in this important stage of pre-production, using handouts to capture ideas and thoughts, writing scripts, and drawing rough and developed storyboards. Students will also learn to pitch their ideas in a professional mannner to their peers and instuctors and provide meaningful feedback.

Resources provided will give the instructor and students examples of story development, storyboard activities and references for camera shots, script templates, and rubrics for assessment of drawings, scripts, storyboards, and pitches.

Since their development early on in the animation and motion picture industry, storyboards and pitching of ideas has been a crucial part of a production process, allowing all members of a production to understand the goals and direction of the piece. Today storyboards and the skill of storyboarding are widely used in many industries, from boardroom presetations, to video game design, interactive media.

The skills covered in this section are essential in the studio for the following industry related professionals: Producers, Directors, Writers, Art Directors, Layout Department, Character and Environment Designs, Entertainment Designers, and Game Designers.
The skills covered include production team organization, story and concept development, script writing, and presentation.


Industries / Pathways
  • Arts, Media, and Entertainment Arts, Media, and Entertainment
    • Design, Visual, and Media Arts
Grade Levels
  • 12

A Team with a Plan: Idea Development/Brainstorming

Story Process

Animation Script Development/Writing

Pitching with a Passion: Sharing your Idea with others

Advanced Animation PBL Course