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There are four lessons in this project. In lesson one, students will acquire the knowledge of the similarities and differences of bacteria and viruses. In lesson two, students will be introduced to the first defense against diseases, which is handwashing. Students will identify and recall the terminology connected to this lesson. The lesson will conclude with students applying and demonstrating the correct way to wash their hands in preparation of the culminating project. In lesson three, students are preparing to go into the community to present prevention information on infection control. In preparing for the teaching project to the community, students will need to seek out a population that will benefit from the project, by performing a needs assessment. Once this information is compiled, students will formulate the proper paperwork for permission to execute their Community Health Project through teaching!
Lesson four will conclude with a culminating project which enables students to engage with stakeholders in the community to either stop or continue the love story of, "bacteria and viruses".

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Hand Washing at its Best: Gotta Be Clean

Preparing for the Community Health Project through Teaching (CTE)

Executing an Infection Control Community Health Teaching Project (CTE)

Catch Me if You Can, or Maybe Not: The Love Story of Bacteria and a Viruses

Students preparing for Project

Students plans

Participants washing their hands


Final Project