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You never hear anyone cheering "Let’s hear it for leukocytes!", but these tiny but mighty cells are just one component of the system that protects the body from infection. The immune system is something that most people, take for granted. They don't understand that there is an intricate system inside the body, a layer of defenses, which strive to protect humans from infection and illness.

Throughout the course of this project, students will learn about immunity, how diseases are spread, and the importance of infection control. To culminate this Project Based Learning unit, students write, create, and illustrate an educational children's storybook to teach elementary aged children the importance and techniques to prevent the spread of disease.

Lesson # 1: Students will explore the history of vaccines and the important role they play in infection control.
Lesson # 2: Students will explore the immune systems structures and functions.
Lesson # 3: Students will gain an understanding of infectious diseases, disease transmission and infection control.
Lesson # 4: Students will design and create a public education project on disease transmission or the importance of immunizations.

This project is brought to you by Jacalyn Talamentes (CTE) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Laura Gallardo.


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