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The use of antibiotics in animal agriculture is quickly becoming a point of contention for both producers and consumers. This project investigates the use of antibiotics from a producer perspective, from the government perspective, and in their English course students will learn to analyze and write about the information that is presented.

As students progress through the project in their respective Agriculture classes, they will also be learning about different types of propaganda and methods of persuasion used in the media today. As a culminating project, the students will write their own persuasive speeches employing these methods on the topic of "Should the government regulate the use of antibiotics in the food industry?" The application of these methods will better help them understand the social and political commentary concerning the use of antibiotics in food, and help them come to their own conclusion on whether or not the government should regulate the use of antibiotics in the food industry.

In their Government classes students will learn how the government currently regulates antibiotics in livestock, the process by which the government could expand or reduce its regulation, the partisan and regional divide on the issue, and the role that the citizen has in influencing the regulatory process. Students will showcase what they have learned in the culminating Policy Memo assignment, done in conjunction with their English course, in which they write a policy memo addressed to a legislator addressing the issue of antibiotic regulation in livestock.

In their Science classes, students will study the different perspectives on antibiotic resistance from both the medical and agricultural standpoints. They will examine these views via web quests, think-pair-share exercises, visual aids, short video clips, and continuous thoughtful discussions.

This unit is brought to you by Amanda Samons (CTE), Daniel Hartrum (History/Social Science), Mikel Frye (English), and Katie Jones (Science) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Gregg Witkin.


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