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In these four PBL lessons, students will work together to identify rolls, tasks, and materials needed to operate a robot.
Students will complete four lessons (Robot EV3: Build It! Program It! Sense It! Operate It!) to learn how to design, build and create a program for an EV3 robot that can sense its environment and act by making a sound when it is finished.

In the culminating lesson each student will do a self assessment and peer assessment based on a performance rubric. The teams will then have to present their project to another group.

The skills students will gain by the end of this project are based on how well each student works as a team member. Collaboration is the key skill element. Other skills gained are planning, designing, programming, and presenting the project.

This unit is brought to you by Dianna de Matos, with support from the CTE Online Team and diligent coordination provided by the Course Team Lead, Trish Valceschini.
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Robot EV3: Build It!

Robot EV3: Program It!

Robot EV3: Sense It!

Robot EV3: Operate It!