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This introductory unit will provide lessons and projects for the first four weeks of the school year. These lessons and projects have been time tested by experienced teachers, and provide working drawings and step by step instruction that allows the students to access the the shop/lab and begin working by the first week of school.
These beginning projects can be manufactured by hand tools, but the following machines are suggested.
Box and Pan Break
Bar Folder
Squaring Shear
Letter Stamps

Metals 1 and 2 CORE provides students with an understanding of manufacturing processes and systems common to careers in machine tool and materials forming industries. Topics include the interpretation and layout of machined and formed-part prints; the cutting, shaping, fastening, and finishing of machine tools; and casting, forging, molding, cold forming, and shearing processes.
Sheet Metal Projects, Characteristics and Sheet Metal Machines

This unit includes sheet metal processes and sheet metal characteristics. The lessons include safety procedures, planning , layout, and construction of small projects that teach basic operation of hand tools and sheet metal equipment.

It is important to note that these introductory lessons help teachers control class management and student behavior. The classroom is used as the initial meeting place and the paperwork and demonstrations act as motivation for the students to proceed into the shop/lab area.

2 - 5 weeks

Metals 1 and 2 Model: https://www.cteonline.org/curriculum/outline/metals-1-and-2-model/Wd7vFc



Industries / Pathways
  • Manufacturing and Product Development Manufacturing and Product Development
    • Machining and Forming Technologies
Grade Levels
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

Dog Tags

Vise Jaw Covers

Pinwheel Project

Jewelry Design

Box and Cover Project Part 1

Box and Cover Project Part 2

Tool Tray Project - Creating Sheet Metal Magic

First Day of Class / Scavenger Hunt