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Students will learn the complexities of purchasing and owning a car. These lessons fall under the Consumer Services Pathway.

The True Cost of a Car is a lesson about all of the costs students might consider when looking at purchasing their first vehicle. Purchasing Options is a lesson about new, used or leased vehicles and how to make that important decision. Used Cards is a lesson about working with car owners or dealerships when looking at a used car as a student's first purchase and finally, Fuel Consumption is a lesson that helps students analyze miles per gallon and CO2 emissions when looking at a car.

Purchasing A Car On A Budget is a lesson that students learn how to look closely at their monthly income and determine what car payment they can afford. Calculating Simple Interest is a lesson that provides students with the tools necessary to calculate interest. Insurance Coverage For Your Car is a lesson about car insurance, the terms, and coverage options. What To Do If You Are In An Accident walks students through the steps of a car accident if they are in one.

The Vehicle Maintenance lessons in this project include: Gauging Gas Mileage, Fluid Level Check, Tires, and Finding an Auto Shop. In Gauging Gas Mileage, students will collect mileage and fuel usage data to be used in an Excel spreadsheet and use formulas to calculate miles per gallon and rate. Students will also research data for average gas prices in major U.S. regions to illustrate gas price fluctuation, as well as analyze the reasons for changes in gas prices. In the lesson Fluid Level Check, students will learn how to check the basic fluid levels in their vehicle, determine the appropriate levels, and when and how to add necessary fluids. The Tires lesson will teach students how to identify parts of a tire, analyze tire pressure, and perform the task of changing a flat tire. The fourth lesson in the series students will become familiar with how to choose the appropriate auto shop to fit their maintenance needs, as well as communicate their automotive needs in a professional manner. A CANVA Infographic will wrap up the lesson plan to close out this unit on vehicle maintenance.

This project is brought to you by Dawn Egan, Kerrissa Schall, and Carrie Satica with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by Team Lead Laura Gallardo.


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The True Cost of a Car

Purchasing Options

Budgeting For Your Car

Calculating Simple Interest

What to do if you are in a Car Accident

Insurance for Automobiles

Used Cars

Fuel Consumption and Our Cars

Vehicle Maintenance - Gauging Gas Mileage

Vehicle Maintenance - Tires

Vehicle Maintenance - Fluid Level Check

Vehicle Maintenance - Finding an Auto Shop