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This project is designed to show students the connection of sustainable forestry management with sustainable use of lumber as a building material and how it ties with a successful business plan. Students will learn what it means to properly manage a forest's timber resources to ensure long term benefits for the environment while meeting the demands of industry and the communities needs. This project is designed to take 4 weeks of time to complete.

Describe the culminating project / final assessment:
The culminating project involves small groups of 2-4 students choosing a piece or pieces of redwood furniture construct based on the given amount of redwood material that the instructor allots to each group. The goal is to use as much of the choose a table, chair , or bench etc to build and sell that will create the highest profit. There is also a focus on efficiently using material and eliminating waste. Students will present their final results to the class at the end of the project.
Identify the skills students will gain by the end of this project:
Research designs of furniture
Calculate material
Collaborate and work effectively as a group member
Create a business and marketing plan for the table, chair or bench
hands on skills: measure, cut, assemble
Describe briefly (one sentence for each) the role of each of the courses/subjects involved in this project:
In the Construction or Woodworking class students will focus on the technical aspects of the project such as forestry practices and the design and building or the table, bench or chair.
Provide a list of relevant careers:
Carpenter, Cabinet maker, Forestry Manager, Forest Surveyor, Field Ecologist, Business / Marketing

In addition to the CTE/STEM focus of the unit/project lessons, educators will find academic lessons in English Language Arts that supplement the primary core area of study.

This unit is brought to you by David Grant (CTE), Shane Suttcliff (ELA), with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead; Mina Greas.


Industries / Pathways
  • Building and Construction Trades Building and Construction Trades
  • Agriculture & Natural Resources Agriculture & Natural Resources
    • Forestry and Natural Resources
K-12 Subjects
  • English Language Development
Grade Levels
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

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